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Alan Grayson's estranged wife drops restraining-order effort, congressman blasts her "baseless charges"


First, video evidence indicated Congressman Alan Grayson's estranged wife lied about him attacking her. Then came a copy of a 911 call. Then Orange County prosecutors said there was no probable cause to charge the Orlando Democrat with domestic violence.

Now Lolita Carson-Grayson has quit her pursuit of an injunction against him. 

But while the evidence is lacking, political damage has been done. Here's his statement:

“Ms. Carson-Grayson has apparently dropped the petition for injunction that she levied against the Congressman last week, and will no longer pursue a restraining order against him. Ms. Carson-Grayson's complaint was voluntarily dismissed today. 

“While this is certainly positive news, we want to emphasize that these baseless charges should never have been brought in the first place. Two eyewitness accounts, video evidence, a thorough police investigation, and Ms. Carson-Grayson's own 911 call confirmed the Congressman's innocence - and that Ms. Carson-Grayson was, in fact, the aggressor. 

“For the sake of the all parties involved, we sincerely hope that this concludes Ms. Carson-Grayson's efforts to misrepresent and exploit the family's private affairs.

“As many Americans know, dealing with the intensely personal and emotional matter of divorce is challenging enough - the added pressure of trying to protect your family's privacy, while being forced to defend yourself from false accusations as awful as these ones, has made for an emotional and stressful time for all members of the Grayson family.”


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Ed Jenkins

The readers have many times asked for articles relevant to them not those on politicians from distant places. This article falls under the unwanted article category.

Joe Ureneck

“While this is certainly positive news, we want to emphasize that these baseless charges should never have been brought in the first place."

Now, if only Rep. Grayson, a vocal supporter of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). will learn from his experience and understand that the majority of men charged under so-called 'domestic violence' laws are also victims of false allegations and move to repeal that destructive law.

Robert Franklin

Well said, Mr. Ureneck. Meanwhile, will charges be brought against Ms. Carson-Grayson for her violent aggression against her husband, proof of which is ample? I thought not.

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