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'Awful' poll numbers make GOP nervous about Rick Scott's chances


The state of Gov. Rick Scott’s poll numbers is . . . sorry.

On Tuesday, as Scott kicked off the Legislature’s 60-day lawmaking session, he gave the annual state of the state speech, a campaign-like preview filled with job-creation statistics.

But many of Scott’s fellow Republicans were paying attention to a different set of numbers: a raft of poll data-points that make the GOP queasy because it shows Democrat Charlie Crist has broad support across Florida right now. The highlights:

• 34 percentage points — the margin Crist beats Scott by in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, according to one business interest’s statewide survey. This margin is 12 points greater than Democrat Alex Sink’s in the 2010 governor’s race. If she had earned Crist’s poll numbers in just these two counties, Sink would have won.

• 10 percentage points — the margin Crist beats Scott by in another business interest’s statewide poll.

• 8 percentage points — the margin Crist beats Scott by in two other business interests’ statewide polls.

• 7 percentage points — the margin Crist beats Scott by in a fourth business interest’s statewide poll.

• 6 percentage points — the margin Crist beats Scott by in a poll of Republican-controlled state House districts across Florida

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ed jenkins

After spending a few days with the citizens it can again be confirmed that the citizens who once doubted this political novice scott including this democrat primary voter have been won over by his exemplary fiscal stewardship. The readers had requested that opinion surveys of small amounts of people in the state not be reported as news stories as anyone can find a group of people who agree with them on any matter and opinions at various points in time are irrelevant, only actual ballots count. If this hometown paper wishes to stop its dramatic losses in readership it must take the readers desires into account and they previously stated they wanted no more of these random opinion surveys.

Highly paid Republican operative

Don't fret Eddie. $100,000,000 cures a lot of ills!

Joe Kreps

Still waiting to see who has the guts to poll likely Democratic Primary voters.


What's your point Joe Kreps? Do you think that likely Democrat voters are going to pick someone other than Crist in the primary? That's unlikely. They also will NOT vote for Rick Scott even if they hate Crist. Scott will NOT be able to buy this election as "Highly paid Republican operative" suggests. ed jenkins' posts are not worth reading.


He has 100 million of our stolen Medicare dollars to put up a good fight. It worked three years ago

ed jenkins

The wise Kreps continues to make useful contributions to this discussion as this democrat primary voter along with most other never voted for the scumbag crist to begin with and will likely choose the nancy lady if no other options a given by the tone deaf party leaders who have allowed such a horrible person to be the party leaders favored candidate. It is even more curious to stick with the scumbag crist as we await the imminent indictment on taking pay offs for nominating judges with a Ponzi schemer.


Scott is Toast!


With numbers like this, there is no chance of someone like Nelson or other high-profile Dem getting in the race. Dems will hold their nose and vote for Charlie.

Anti-Tallahassee is correct - who are they going to vote for? Nan Rich? She will get 15-20%. But at the end of the day it will be Charlie vs. Rick...

Rick does not have his personal wealth this time around, he blew the wad last time and he isn't going to run his fortune down that low... but the money is coming in to his campaign... so it will be interesting.

Oh, by-the-way... if Alex Sink didn't look at a Blackberry during a debate, she would have won the election... her campaign (and maybe the whole state Democrat party staff) was the problem.

The Dude

Happy birthday, Ed Jenkins!

Can't take anymore

After nearly four years just looking at Rick Scott still gives me the creeps. Knowing Scott's shady background in business and his pathetic job as governor means that Charlie Crist would probably have to commit a lot more than high crimes and misdemeanors to NOT get elected in November.

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