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Bondi's fundraising slows, but she still expands fundraising lead

The streak continues.

Attorney General Pam Bondi raised more money in February than her three challengers -- $92,548 from her two committees and $184,000 with her own campaign for a total of $276,548.

That’s slightly less than the $325,293 Bondi raised in January and her contributions still show a heavy reliance on party money. About 25 percent of her take in February, about $69,000, came via the Republican Party of Florida.

But she’s built a warchest of about $2.3 million that her challengers will need to hustle just to approach.

For Democrats, it’s between former secretary for the Florida Department of Children and Families, George Sheldon and Florida House Minority Leader Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale.

Sheldon raised more, about $71,000 compared to Thurston’s $56,024 for February (although Thurston’s campaign put out a release Monday trumpeting the $67,000 that Thurston had raised from February to the “start of the legislative session” -- meaning Thurston included three days in March).

Sheldon’s February total nearly doubled what he had raised since announcing his run late last year. Through February, Sheldon has a total of $150,255. Thurston trails at $94,518.

The Libertarian candidate, Bill Wohlsifer, has yet to emerge as a serious fundraising force in the race. He raised $2,162 in February, bringing his total to $3,784.


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ed jenkins

This Bondi has proven once again to be the state's most popular politician with her commanding lead.


I wish it were otherwise, but the qualifications for being FL Attorney General seem to be who is most popular and who can raise the most money.

Seth Platt

I suggest the Miami Herald or Miami-Dade Democratic Party do a FOIA Request on voter information for Democratic Primary voters named Ed/Edward Jenkins.
I do not believe this person is a democratic primary voter as he states. As someone who is an elected democratic Precinct Committeeman I take great offense by what I perceive to be a republican operative continually posting Republican love letters under this fake persona claiming to be a Dem.
Either this paper or the Miami-Dade Dems have an obligation to unmask and discredit this fraud.
Information on how to submit this request is available here and should cost no more than $20.
You are a very sad person. If you so wholeheartedly believe the things you state, sign your REAL Name to them and stop pretending to be something you are not.

Highly paid Republican operative

Seth how dare you take exception to the postings of one of our finest paid bloggers by the name of Ed Jenkins.

Bill Thompson

Since this Pam lady is the most popular politician in the state, the scumbag Scott should retire and not run for re-election, allowing this Pam lady to run for governor. Otherwise, the failing Scott campaign will drag down the entire GOP ticket on election day.

Dade Dem

Bill Thompson and Ed Jenkins are obviously the same blogger/Republican operative.

Can't take anymore

The last time Ed Jenkins voted in a Democratic primary was for George Wallace.

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