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Campaign shakeup: Rick Scott's fundraising chief quits amid disagreements


In a campaign shakeup, Gov. Rick Scott’s top fundraiser — billionaire healthcare CEO Mike Fernandez — abruptly quit his post late Thursday after weeks of behind-the-scenes disagreements.

Fernandez said he was quitting to spend more time with his family and businesses. And he praised Scott's campaign in a letter to the campaign's leadership team.

"Together, we have helped the Governor raise more than $35 million. This has been an unprecedented effort, which is only matched by our shared commitment to reelect our Governor this November," Fernandez's letter said.

"I am proud of the team the Governor has put together, and I am confident that we are on course for victory," he wrote in the letter, released late Friday by Scott's campaign.

Despite the praise, Fernandez has been unhappy for weeks with the struggling campaign's direction and the attitude of some of its workers.

Fernandez began expressing his frustrations at least a month ago when he sent an email to top Scott allies and complained about two campaign aides who had joked around in a cartoon-style Mexican accent en route to a Mexican restaurant in Fernandez’s home town of Coral Gables.

Fernandez, who is Cuban, wouldn’t comment about the email.

Fernandez, though, said his real issues concerned the campaign’s direction and not the governor. But he acknowledged his own faults, noting he never ran a campaign.

 “My job is to make an organization work better,” Fernandez told The Miami Herald. "I’ve never found an organization or a relationship that cannot be improved upon.”

 “To be fair to those people who I have criticized, I probably have overstepped my — or maybe their —comfort zone. Because I’m used to being the CEO,” he said. “Here I’m not the CEO. I’m a senior vice president at the most.”

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This has Melissa Sellers written all over it. The woman is a cancer every place she lands.

Bobby Jindal's Brain

Let's not be so quick to blame Melissa Sellers. Yes, she's the type of incurable, deadly cancer that eventually kills the host organism.

But if she's cancer, then Adam Hollingsworth is the kind of carcinogen that should have been avoided long ago.

Roll Tide.


War Damn Eagle!


The elephant in the room (no joke) is the racism that pervades the Republican Party. That will come back to bite them in the next 20 years, after the country is completely 'browned'. They should have done more to neuter the Tea Party, instead they elected them to office.

Highly paid Republican operative

$100,000,000 baby!

James W.

FLMom I can assure you that Sellers and Hollingsworth are the furthest thing from Tea Party as possible. Hollingsworth is a liberal Republican and Sellers would have fit right in as a female dictator in a South American country. They have formed a barrier around this governor with like minded lemmings.

Jax Native

Calling the former staffer for two Democrat members of Congress, one of whom engages in the worst kind of race bating, a Republican is a stretch at best.

Hollingsworth is to his core a big government liberal.

Highly paid Republican operative

Nothing matters when you have $100,000,000 to steamroll all opponents!

Can't take anymore

Who will take the blame for Scott's defeat despite all the bigshot Republican Party political operatives, a $100 million dollar war chest, and an opponent who seems to be snoozing his way thru the campaign? Maybe they are just preparing for the whipping Hillary will give the Republicans in 2016.

Highly paid Republican operative

You mean the nancy lady?


Brian Swenson Ricky Scott boy is a racist and hates Mecicans.

Jeff C.

WOS Diaz what rock have you been living under? Swenson left the RPOF last year.


What do you expect from a governor that fires Hispanics and fat people as CEO?

Bobby Jindal's Sack

Hollingsworth fired the only Black Lt Governor and has never hired minorities.

Sellers may be a cancer but "Bobby Jindal's Brain" is right. She's more so a cancer for lack of skills and dumb mistakes.

Who gives a rats donkey about Swenson that guy is as good as puke on gumshoe stuck on tar. But he's still a Scott loyal worker.

The real cancer is Rick Scott.


Has anyone checked campaign expenses between Jindal's and Scott's campaigns?

leg staffer

Hollingsworth is a small-minded religious bigot who ironically is one of the least ethical officials in Tallahassee. He moves from a fundamental position of paranoia and insecurity because on some level he knows he's in way over his dead. Sellers is simply his not very competent attack dog. Dealing with them on a legislative issue is a nightmare. All ego, no policy.

Dapper Dan

The Cuban staffer that was fired from Miami by the governor's clan is the one we should be hearing about. He was called offensive slurs and yelled at in front of a group. The staffer threatened to sue and he was let go. Word on the street is the billionaire and him have close family ties.

Grant Stern

GOP donors and operatives aren't in lockstep for Rick Scott's campaign, and it's just starting. Maybe they're nervous he'll use Stand Your Ground against them? Don't worry guys, Rick's never shot an elephant yet...


Tally Folly

Several campaign finance issues arise and the chief suddenly quits. There is obviously more to these stories. Someone better start digging fast before Scott's information black hole swallows all the evidence. Where there is smoke and people fleeing the building there is probably a fire.

Highly paid Republican operative

$100,000,000 will cover up a lot of things including
The Democrats.

Robert Jenkins

I heard he was being a bit to honest for the Governor's liking. When told to lie on the front page and retract on the back page; he refused. Therfore he was ask to quit.


So, what is sad is the Republican party, whom Rick Scott prides himself with his concept of fiscal policy, cannot SELL this great benefit he created while cutting costs to the public.
If you think that a doggy bone of short swift financial infusions will erase three years of pain,
then Rick Scott's loo'loo campaign friends are in Fantacy-land!

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