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Conservative group targets Rep. Joe Garcia in $20k online ad over Medicare Advantage


From an email

WASHINGTON – The American Action Network (@AAN) is launching a $20,000 issue advocacy advertising campaign in Florida calling on Congressman Joe Garcia (FL-26) to fight the Obama Administration’s new cuts to Medicare Advantage. The two-week campaign features online video and display ads calling on Congressman Joe Garcia to act. Seniors can take action by calling Congressman Garcia and signing a petition atwww.DontCutOurMedicare.com. This is part of a $1 million campaign calling on nine Senators and Members of Congress to act.

Garcia's camp responds:

“Congressman Garcia opposes cuts to Medicare Advantage, and he spoke with the President today about this very issue. We are working with the White House, and have made our position clear. “

“Congressman Garcia also opposes repealing the Affordable Care Act, which has helped thousands of his constituents in his district get coverage for the first time and has protected the long term solvency of Medicare for all senior citizens.”

“This ad by a right wing group is attacking Congressman Garcia for a position he doesn’t hold, and demanding he do something he has is already doing."