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Coral Reef teacher says politics got him banned from visit by 'BOGUS POTUS'


Randall Scott “would rather dine in Hell with Satan” than shake President Barack Obama’s hand. But the Coral Reef Senior High teacher says he was wronged last week when he was barred from attending a speech by the president in his school’s gymnasium.

Obama spoke Friday about higher education to a crowd of about 1,600 and Scott, a self-described “virulent anti-Communist and hater of Obamanism,” says he wasn’t welcome.

The social studies teacher wrote on his Instagram account that his outspoken views on social media caused the Secret Service to ban him from seeing the president speak. He said he ignored a request by his principal to lay low; one of his posts ahead of the president’s visit referred to Obama as a vulgar term that rhymes with the word wussy.

“I was singled out for using my right to free speech,” Scott wrote in an open letter he said was sent to the media.

But school district spokesman John Schuster said Scott’s political views in his own classroom were so inflammatory that two students had requested to be withdrawn from his class prior to the president’s visit – prompting investigators to take interest.

“Because of the sensitivity surrounding the allegations regarding remarks that were made — remarks that were reviewed by Miami-Dade Schools Police and the U.S. Secret Service — the matter is currently under review,” Schuster wrote in a statement. “The size and set-up of the event venue did not permit all of the school’s staff and students to attend, and local administrators were required to decide who would attend to represent the school.”

Scott shockingly was not among that group.


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if the guy was so anti Obama why did he want to go see him?
sounds like another brain dead teabagger!


Dear JoeBlow:
Thats not the point ! It was his choice to go or not to go . He belongs to the school like all the other teachers. They went to his class and singled him out. Tea Party or not, why was he shut out. He may not wanted to go but, it should have been his choice. Don't you want a choice to follow this man? He wants his choice too. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, F R E E D O M! Calling him names will not make what they did right! You sound like your the brain dead when you use terms like this. So you know, he is a retired ; Master Sergeant for the Marines. The eighth enlisted rank in the U.S. Army, just above sergeant first class. In this post by David Smiley he fails to mention that.


Correction "Marines" not "Army".


The saddest part of the story is that a person this stupid and ignorant has a job teaching kids in the first place.


He HAS his free speech. Nobody stops him from making his idiotic tweets, AND his employer has the right to protect ITS free speech, and NOT have this fool make them look foolish. He hasn't been jailed and he's not facing the courts. Perhaps you don't REALLY understand the whole "Free Speech" thing.

a REAL American

Dear happytobefree You're the brain dead if you think this mans right to free speech has been violated. No one is preventing him from saying stupid things. He can say all the stupid things he wants. who cares if he's retired military?

No name

I guess if you were a marine, then it's acceptable to spew hate.... No wonder the armed forces had over 5 thousand sexual assaults which were not prosecuted. It's a healthy work environment for sure , that was just last year....


Why is this person allowed to teach children social studies, when it is VERY apparent he doesn't actually know what communism is, what free speech means, or what discrimination means?


My daughter attends Coral Reef - she tells me that not all faculty or student body could attend due to the size of the venue. Just wonder why the fuss to attend if he opposed the President? Perhaps he could have exercised his free speech in a 'free speech zone' like those established blocks from appearances by President Bush.


While I do agree this teacher should have been given the choice to attend the President's speech at his school, and I hope he would have at the very least respected the office and position of the President of the United States. I do think he's acting very immaturely as a teacher/role model/person in position. It appears from his Twitter and Instagram accounts he has engaged in reckless childish, negative banter about the President that is simply in very poor judgement and frankly BULLYING, and this is as an educator?!?!? His tweets include "Obama is a P*ssy", "A weed smoking Kenyan is your president. And he is in charge of your health care." A 54 year old educator is writing this?!?! I'm sorry but I think regardless of your political party affiliation, you would have to agree this is inappropriate for a man in his position.

As a community we are fighting the issue of BULLYING in our schools. How can the school system let this teacher who's using social media to bully and degrade in the same way middle school and high school student bullies use social media to bully and degrade someone go unreprimanded? Change the name in his tweets from Obama to anyone else and you quickly see this is BULLYING and exactly what we don't want our children doing!! His principle had asked the entire teaching staff to refrain from social media a week prior to the President's visit. But this teacher chose to ignore that request. How can a principle control a student's behavior when students see teachers setting such an example. This teacher is being short-sighted and not thinking of the bigger picture and the example he's setting for his students. He's been quote as saying that teaching at this high school has been the best job he's had. Why we he jeopardize his career, his relationships there?

I'm sure there are right-wing supporters that will come to his defense and right to freedom of speech and I get that. But at some point, you have to draw the line between ego, your rights and what's better for the whole, for the community. It's not always about "me".

This teacher is asking for public apology, how about one from him for his short-sighted, selfish, negative, bullying tweets?


For those of you going on about how it's his choice if he wanted to attend or not. Apparently you didn't bother to read all 5 paragraphs of the story. Let me help you.

“The size and set-up of the event venue did not permit all of the school’s staff and students to attend, and local administrators were required to decide who would attend to represent the school.”

Lets not forget he was saying things in class that were so bad even some students asked to be removed and he was being investigated! He's lucky he still has a job.

If I were in charge of picking the people to attend I wouldn't have picked him either. I'm guessing he's just upset he couldn't call the President a P***y to his face or scream it from the audience.

lou hodges

Well, that proves that the Secret Service and the NSA does monitor your Twitter account.

Jessica williams

I am saddened this made the headlines. I am a sophomore at Coral reef and I know Mr. SCott. He is totally rude and he said way more worse stuff in the classroom. I had him also as a teacher during ready for reef. All he talked about Prior to the president coming was about how he hated him and that he wasn't doing his job. The only reason he wanted to go was to hate on him and post it on his ig. It made me very upset and when my principal Leal got on him he didn't listen. He represented our school very badly and a lot of kids hate him. I heard from one of my friends he was making racial comments. Really Mr. Scott?? I asked him whats wrong with him and hes like OBAMA CARE. If he gets fired like me and my friends predict... I hope a nicer and a better teacher for history comes in to my

Jessica williams

I waas also among many who didnt get to see Pres at school. But I still went got checked by secret services before entering the school and watched him in my class.... Closest ill ever get to him.. But its all good. Proud to be a CUDA. But I want to be a senior already!!!

Rich Petrusky

Randall Scott has the right to his opinion. As a retired marine he should be stripped of his rank and his pension. Whoever holds the office is the commander and chief and is due the respect, like it or not. As a teacher his views are not what he should be teaching our children. He should be dismissed immediately.

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