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Coral Reef teacher says politics got him banned from visit by 'BOGUS POTUS'


Randall Scott “would rather dine in Hell with Satan” than shake President Barack Obama’s hand. But the Coral Reef Senior High teacher says he was wronged last week when he was barred from attending a speech by the president in his school’s gymnasium.

Obama spoke Friday about higher education to a crowd of about 1,600 and Scott, a self-described “virulent anti-Communist and hater of Obamanism,” says he wasn’t welcome.

The social studies teacher wrote on his Instagram account that his outspoken views on social media caused the Secret Service to ban him from seeing the president speak. He said he ignored a request by his principal to lay low; one of his posts ahead of the president’s visit referred to Obama as a vulgar term that rhymes with the word wussy.

“I was singled out for using my right to free speech,” Scott wrote in an open letter he said was sent to the media.

But school district spokesman John Schuster said Scott’s political views in his own classroom were so inflammatory that two students had requested to be withdrawn from his class prior to the president’s visit – prompting investigators to take interest.

“Because of the sensitivity surrounding the allegations regarding remarks that were made — remarks that were reviewed by Miami-Dade Schools Police and the U.S. Secret Service — the matter is currently under review,” Schuster wrote in a statement. “The size and set-up of the event venue did not permit all of the school’s staff and students to attend, and local administrators were required to decide who would attend to represent the school.”

Scott shockingly was not among that group.