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Curbelo named CPAC rising star

State Rep. Jose Felix Diaz wasn't the only Miami-Dade politician honored at this weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference.

The 10 rising conservative stars under 40 also included Miami-Dade School Board member and congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo.

Speaking to attendees Saturday, Curbelo called Obamacare "the most recent example of the left's misguided policies that close the path of upward social mobility for those that have the desire to grow and achieve more for themselves and their families."

"Before they used to trap people in welfare," he said. "Today, they trap people in Obamacare. This healthcare law is the perfect storm to suppress those that are most in need of jobs and opportunities in this country."

Curbelo also used the platform to criticize Democratic education policies.

"Their chief concern is: Are the adults satisfied?" he said.

Curbelo is running against Democratic Rep. Joe Garcia in Florida's 26th congressional district.

Watch his speech below.



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Carlos Curbelo is a Charlie Crist sycophant and altar boy.

FL History

Carlos realizes that now, but he supported the Obama hugging Gov. Charlie Crist when Crist supported the Obama 'stimulus,' when Crist ran against Marco in the U.S. Senate primary. This he did after he watched Crist and Jim Greer wreck the state party for 4 years.

Nuff Said

Anybody but Curbelo. Anybody.


Wow awesome speech!


he is a sitting member of a non partisan school board seat,so far he has been all about party,I say he should resign from his post and have a person that truly cares about our school system, since he truly believes he is a strong candidate for congress I would like to see the Poll he did that shows the results.... of course, he would not release it because Joe Martinez is ahead in it.

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