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Curt Clawson's jobs record: a dead worker, layoffs & Obamacare bailout – but big bucks for the boss


Curt Clawson is campaigning for an open congressional seat as the turnaround jobs-creating candidate in Southwest Florida.

But on the campaign trail and in his ads, Clawson never mentions a former employee, Shawn Boone, who died in a fiery blast in the Hayes Lemmerz automotive plant in Indiana that Clawson's company ran.

“I think the most important thing for people … to realize was that when he [Clawson] was working at Hayes, they shut down a lot of plants that were good jobs,” Boone’s sister, Tammy Miser told The Naples Daily News in a must-read piece.

Beyond Boone’s death and the company’s apparently spotty safety record, the Daily News exposes how the company filed for bankruptcy under Clawson’s leadership.

It shut down factories.

It outsourced jobs.

And it even relied on an Obamacare bailout. Today, Clawson wants to repeal Obamacare.

And Clawson got rich, the Daily News reports:

During his nine years as a top executive for Hayes Lemmerz, the company laid off more than 1,300 workers, shuttered seven plants in the U.S., and taxpayers covered hundreds of millions of dollars in pension and health-care costs shortly before selling to a Brazilian company in 2011, according to filings with industry regulators and media reports.

Over that time, Clawson brought in annual seven-figure incomes, including bonuses. Clawson’s initial base salary comprised 25 percent of his overall compensation.

Clawson’s salary ranged from a low of $1.3 million in 2001 to a peak of $12.3 million in 2003. The salary differences were driven by factors such as bonuses and stock options, according to proxy statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Read the piece here


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Harold Paton Jr

This is, so blatantly, a partisan attempt to smear an outstanding candidate, who is the frontrunner for the 19th District Congressional seat, and an attempt to influence the outcome of the special election, that it is ...well, laughable. I trust that it will appear on the op-ed page, where it belongs. In spite a shameful display here of lame negativity, Curt Clawson will not only win, but he will serve the 19th District with distinction.

Bill Thompson


Which parts of this news story are incorrect?


Hey Harold try this.
Go to Google, type in any of the items above then watch the news stories pop up. After you spend the better part of your life reading all of them and a few that were missed come back and say this.

This is factual information and backed up by links to each item. Of course I doubt if you will be able to read it all from the original source because the Naples Daily News is a subscriber site.

Harold Paton Jr

Bill, Didn't say incorrect. It's an opinion piece that belongs on the op-ed page. As I read the NDN piece, I was thinking, Hugo Chavez couldn't have spun the narrative more to the left. What these reporters characterize as flawed business practices are in fact exactly what is required of a CEO: maximize shareholder value. It's called capitalism, and it works. To vilify a business man for taking cost-cutting measures is mystifying. He is also accused here of being well paid. Gracious! Any of the three GOP front runners for the CD 19 seat will bring to Washington, good conservative values, but my choice is Curt Clawson, an outsider who has actually run a successful business & created jobs.

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