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Dems continue to bash governor for Hispanic slur, call on him to fire staffers for 'bigotry'

Former Republican state Representative Ana Rivas Logan and Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair Annette Taddeo joined in the party bashing of Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday and called on the governor to fire the staff whose anti-Hispanic slurs prompted his campaign finance chair to resign last week.

"Rick Scott’s campaign staff mocked Florida Hispanics like school children. That’s unacceptable from the people trying to elect a governor in one of the most diverse states in the nation,'' said Rivas Logan, now a Miami Democrat, in a conference call with reporters. "These anti-Hispanic comments are exactly the kind of comments that made up my mind to leave the Republican Party."

She criticized the governor for failing to apologize and move on and suggested that his passiveness "shows the culture of the campaign."

Rivas Logan urged the governor to fire the staff who allegedly made the offensive remarks mocking Hispanics. "He needs to take a stand on this,'' she said. "He needs to fire these people and hold them accountable and say that bigotry does not have a place in politics."

Lieutenant Gov. Carlos Lopez Cantera told reporters yesterday that the campaign believes "there's no validity that we can find to any of those comments, or what was written."

Taddeo commended the push this legislative session to give Dreamers the opportunity to pay in-state tuition rates at state universities and colleges but she chastised the governor for "window dressing" by supporting it. 

"It's very obvious he doesn't support Dreamers,'' she said, noting the governor's push for the Arizona-style immigration reform bill when he ran for governor in 2010, his veto of a bill to allow immigrants to obtain state drivers licenses last year, and the cuts to the Bright Futures Scholarship program.

Rivas Logan recalled how Lopez Cantera met with Republican legislators when a version of the Arizona immigration legislation was moving in the House and Senate in 2011.

"I said, 'Carlos,  my parents taught me you never forget where you came from,''' she said. She said by opposing the bill she was punished by leadership. "I said I will not support this bill and sanctions ensue....There were leaders willing to spill blood in the chambers to get it across the finish line."

Miami Dade Republican Chairman Nelson Diaz criticized the Democrats for "phony outrage."

"Where was the outrage from Floroida Democrats when Charlie Crist insulted the Cuban-American community or Alex Sink made her offensive comment about immigrants?" he said.




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Ed Jenkins

The readers recommend terminating this article writer and pointing her in the direction of supermarket tabloids whose business model is based on printing this type of gossip. Once respected hometown papers do not stoop to this low level journalism and should not print nonsense such as this.

Ana Navarro

As usual, the idiot Democrats muck up the issue. Instead of focusing on claiming a scalp, they overreach and try to link racist comments by out-of-state Scott campaign staff to some unrelated legislative issue.

Here it is, clowns:

1) Focus on the precise issue: the all-white Scott campaign staff made racist comments so outrageous that the Hispanic finance chairman quit.

2) Demand resignation of said staffers. Nothing more. Do not overreach.

3) When resignation comes, claim your victory, and only THEN use it to leverage other policy matters.


Were those comments even said?

Has anybody definitely stated that they heard them?

Is there any evidence?

This is a story based on alleged comments that nobody even admits they heard.

This is a rumor, hearsay, that the Herald is unethically spreading.

Ed Jenkins

This wise Roman has said it more eloquently than this democrat primary voter could ever do. Readers of this hometown paper will continue to abandon it as it ignores their wishes and drops to the journalistic standards of supermarket tabloids. This reader is now seriously considering the sun sentinel as an alternative unless reader concerns are addressed.


In the eye of democrats, guilty until caught on video saying something negative about immigrants, then ignore.


Were RPOF staffers Juston Johnson & Tim Saler "in the van" during incident that drove away Mike Fernandez?


El Perro

Normally, I would spend my time bashing Crist. But, on this issue, I totally agreed with him. He didn't insult Cubans. He is actually supporting what the vast majority of Cubans and of Florida citizens want.

With the Alex Sink comment, Republicans are darned good at twisting and turning things around by not repeating the full statement that Alex Sink made and taking it out of context.

As for Rick Scott, the worst Governor in Florida History, He is about as naive about Cubans line Ana Rivas Logan and other Latin Americans like Annette Taddeo as a pimple on an elephant's ass is.

Seth Platt

Ed Jenkins since you do not even exist what kind of a loss would it be if you no longer spilled you guts on all the comment pages of this blog. Lets be clear you DO NOT comment on ANY other section of this newspaper. You are as fake as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage.

Luis Hernandez

Ana Navarro,

Great way to win people over by starting off your statement by calling them a bunch of idiots and clowns!

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