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Gov. Rick Scott, legislators want more control over tuition increases in Florida


Gov. Rick Scott and legislators are so opposed to tuition increases that they want to change the law to get even more control over future hikes.

Currently, state universities can ask the Board of Governors for up to 15 percent higher rates, known as tuition differential. Additionally, there is an automatic increase to keep up with inflation. House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz have proposed cutting that flexibility by more than half. Scott wants to eliminate it altogether, making it that much tougher to raise tuition.

That's all good news for students and families worried about paying for higher education in the coming years. As for universities? Most say they're not fighting this united effort by a fiscally conservative governor and Legislature.

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Ed Jenkins

The citizens are thrilled to see this effort to reign in out of control tuition and college costs. They recommend reductions in salary for all university administrators, elimination of levels of administrative employees who are unnecessary and reduction in pay for all teachers in colleges who work much fewer hours than pre college teachers.


The public won't be too thrilled to see the University Systems best professors leave for other states that can afford to pay them because Florida can't and won't. Pretty soon our State Universities will be just state colleges with football teams if this keeps up.

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