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Gov. Scott uses private plane to shield his travel and schedule from public

By using his personal jet for public business, Florida Gov. Rick Scott can shield his itinerary from websites that track flights, and when his plane lands, he uses a public records exemption to tighten the cloak of secrecy.

Wherever Scott goes, he is shadowed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents. In citing a records exemption that protects FDLE “surveillance techniques” from publication, he withholds the members of his traveling party, restaurants and homes he visits, and people at meetings — all in the name of security.

To a much greater degree than the past three governors, Scott, former chief executive of the nation’s largest private hospital chain, conceals information from the public about his travel.

Governors Charlie Crist, Jeb Bush and Lawton Chiles routinely released those details. Even Scott did until last year when he regularly began using the surveillance exemption. Story here.



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Can't take anymore

Rick Scott is like a big cockroach. If the light is turned on while he is cruising around in the middle of night he runs and hides under the safety of the dark under the refrigerator. Shouldn't voters (and the press) loudly question what he has been hiding from the us while he is on "public" business as our governor?


What other kind of behavior would we expect from a crook? So much for his "transparency in government". I guess that applies to everyone but him. Disgusting scum.

Ed Jenkins

The citizens are pleased that this scott is usuing his own source of transportation rather than having to burden the state with all of his travel and the citizens have long stated that the governor needs private time and they have no need to know his whereabouts at all hours, that information is only useful to political enemies trying to make false stories. The people of Florida are grateful for this scott who they initially doubted as a political novice but who has won them over with his exemplary fiscal stewardship.

Bill Thompson

The citizens do not count in Tallahassee's pay for play mentality. The only ones that matter are the big money campaign contributors that contribute to Scott's campaign and then get sweetheart state contracts in return. Scott doesn't care about the average citizen of our great state and takes them for granted. He is only pandering this year because of his weak polling numbers and his fear of losing in November. His support is especially weak among Hispanics and that is why he appointed Lopez-Cantera and has suddenly popped up in Miami meeting with Venezuelan protesters. He has also flip-flopped on many of his earlier disastrous failed ideological policies in a desperate attempt to get re-elected.


Shut the hell up you loser thompson, still coming here whining even though no one wants to listen to your worthless ass. Thats because you are a failure at life who does nothing but post his whines on message boards all day from some public library because you can't even afford your own computer you homeless piece of trash.

Jacqueline Diaz

I applaud the governor for lessening the burden on taxpayers by spending his own money to travel. That's a big cost savings for tax payers. It's kind of a bit pathetic that the Herald is going after the Governor for saving tax dollars under the guise of him being sneaky....if this was Charlie "Flip Flop" Crist, there would be no questioning...It's working, unemployment is at its lowest its been in years, close to half a million private sector jobs have been created since 2010 and the Governor continues to use his business savvy and his personal bank account to the benefit of ALL Floridians.

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