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Guns-related bills show NRA's muscle

State lawmakers have a plan to keep kids safe at school: Allow teachers to pack heat.

The controversial proposal won the support of a Senate panel on Monday despite strong opposition from parent groups, school boards and the statewide teachers union.

It is one of several high-profile gun bills gaining traction in the Florida Legislature this year — and a sign that the National Rifle Association is once again flexing its muscle in Tallahassee.

Other NRA priorities: extend Stand Your Ground protection to people who fire a warning shot; let tax collectors accept applications for concealed-weapons permits; and protect a child’s right to chew pastries into the shape of pretend pistols.

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ed jenkins

The citizens do not believe there is a need for laws on guns in any manner. This democrat primary voter does not own guns and has very rarely shot them but there is a right to bear arms in the constitution so no more needs to be said on this matter.

Bryan Bouton

yup, just what I want: to be a man with a gun running around campus when the cops are searching for (wait for it!) a man with a gun running around campus!
I own guns, grew up in a gun culture, vote R more often than not in the past (not lately, they've lost their da** minds) and even I think this is a bolloxed up idea!
Nobody's willing to pay for additional professional development, much less the hundreds of rounds required weekly to stay proficient with said handgun...and what about the extra hours of range time required? Also, let's talk about the liability...what happens if a teacher with a gun accidentally shoots a student? Who's going to handle that one...not to mention the trauma caused when a teacher kills someone?...
Really, this is almost as ludicrous as a constitutional amendment to determine hog pen sizes...


Let tax collectors accept applications for concealed weapons permits...

But you cannot drop off absentee ballots at a location like a library that is staffed with supervisor staff???



Marion Hammer strikes again. Let's cut to the chase. Require all citizens to be armed at all times and no survivor can be charged with a crime.

Seth Platt

I suggest the Miami Herald or Miami-Dade Democratic Party do a FOIA Request on voter information for Democratic Primary voters named Ed/Edward Jenkins.
I do not believe this person is a democratic primary voter as he states. As someone who is an elected democratic Precinct Committeeman I take great offense by what I perceive to be a republican operative continually posting Republican love letters under this fake persona claiming to be a Dem.
Either this paper or the Miami-Dade Dems have an obligation to unmask and discredit this fraud.
Information on how to submit this request is available here and should cost no more than $20.
You are a very sad person. If you so wholeheartedly believe the things you state, sign your REAL Name to them and stop pretending to be something you are not.

Can't take anymore

No wonder the rest of the world sees Florida as a swamp populated by a bunch of goobers controlled by the Teabaggers and the NRA. Could be they are right.

Chris Brooks

Some of the commenters here aren't very happy about Florida's gun friendly laws but this is what happens when the citizens run their state, not the other way around.
If anyone disagrees with the majority of us they are free to go at any time.

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