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In new email, Fernandez criticizes Scott's TV ad

Coral Gables health care executive Mike Fernandez is a man with no shortage of opinions.

In another email sent to Gov. Rick Scott's campaign advisers, he's unimpressed by the quality of Scott's new TV ad. (After all, he helped pay for them, as a million-dollar donor to Scott's campaign). In the email, obtained by the Times/Herald, Fernandez takes aim at the content and style of the ad (Curt Anderson of On Message, Scott's media adviser, called Fernandez a "renegade donor" in a Politico interview Tuesday).

Fernandez, who quit as Scott's campaign finance co-chairman last week, trashed the new 30-second ad that shows Scott speaking from a softer side angle about how his mother struggled to put food on the table and his father's car was repossessed. Fernandez sent the March 15 email to campaign manager Melissa Sellers, campaign chairman Sen. John Thrasher, state GOP chairman Lenny Curry, party executive director Juston Johnson and Hispanic political consultant Ana Carbonell.

"The Governor's ad was sterile (reinforces how people see him). Imagine if he said the same words but the setting was different. Sitting on a park bench, no tie (for God's sake it is Florida), light blue shirt, not white, his family around him and at closing Ann steps in and hand him a grandson. WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT WOULD HAVE MADE! We can raise $100 m and misspend it and the $$$ is in material.

Ignore me, but you will continue getting my comments because I want him to win.   I know, I don't know anything about politics nor political advertising but I know about sales.... You don't trust me because I am not willing to become a supporting cast member to the "Yes Team"  but trust this, my net worth exceeds $3B, and I made it because I am not stupid and I can sell!

Have a good weekend.


PS. Melissa please give a copy to the Governor. I want him to know what I am saying. I would also like to meet with him and Sen. Thrasher at their convenience.


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Anthony Weiner

Someone please make the bleeding stop. It seems too early to fire the campaign manager, but I've never seen a disaster quite this bad.

In all my days of watching Florida politics, this is, without question, hands down, unequivocally, the WORST PR TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED.

Public Relations 101: If you have bad news, drop it all and drop it immediately. Under no circumstances do you hold the emails and let the other side drip, drip, drip you to death.

If these idiots had any clue, they would have dropped ALL of Fernandez's emails to a single, friendly outlet and made him a one-day story. Instead, they hide, dodge questions, pretend it's a non-issue, they try to launch a TV ad (failing miserably), they try to release a week-old poll (didn't manage to get any traction).

Long story short, this is a campaign in crisis, and the so-called campaign manager and PR team are flailing about like a bass on a boat.

Wake up, Rick Scott. Fire the morons you have running your show.

Highly paid Republican operative

Listen to the $3 billion man. How often are $3 billion men wrong?

Poor Charlie has to wear shoes with holes in them!


Mike was spot on with this comments about this ad. I thought the same thing when I saw it, it was very weird. He actually reminded me of that strange man on the TV show Fringe, remember? This is not the most flattering way to portray a guy who's not that telegenic to begin with. It almost seems as though they purposely want to sabotage this campaign. This is a train wreck..

Key Largo Fisherman

If you turn the volume off, it looks like an attack ad. But yet the Governor's high-priced consultant charged him a mint.

Definitely should have listened to Mr. Fernandez.

What morons.

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