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Jeb Bush returns to Tallahasssee to fundraise with Weatherford, Crisafulli.....


Picture 13Former Gov. Jeb Bush had a love-hate relationship with the town he sometimes called "Mount Tallahassee."

File this under the "love" category: A Thursday March 13 fundraiser for his Foundation for Florida's Future to "celebrate Florida's A+ Plan," one of Bush's educational legacies.

Tallahassee's the perfect place to pick up checks at this time of year: lawmakers are generally forbidden from fundraising during the 60-day lawmaking session. But lawmakers can raise money for other causes. So the invite is a who's who of top lawmakers: House Speaker Will Weatherford, future Speaker Steve Crisafulli, future-future Speaker Richard Corcoran.

Then there are the top-notch lobbyists and Bush World loyalists: Slater Bayliss, Sally & Paul Bradshaw, Brett Doster, Tom Feeney, David Rancourt (boy will he get razzed for backing Democrat Charlie Crist), Karen & Jason Unger, former Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings.....



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Highly paid Republican operative

Rancourt can handle the razzing.

Bill Thompson

$10k is pocket change for lobbyists.

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