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Library taxes a looming challenge for Carlos Gimenez



Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez will take on his county's under-funded library system on Wednesday. It's a spending squeeze his 2011 tax-cut package helped create.

Our story looks at the impact of the library cuts on children's books. This photo shows the gnarled spine of a Dr. Suess classic  at the West Kendall branch, a particularly popular library with families. 

While rationing of kids' books may not be popular, the question Gimenez faces is will voters endorse a tax increase to fix the spending crisis? He tried to raise the library tax last year, then quickly backed off amid a flood of criticism. 

Now he's floating the idea of holding a straw poll this summer to send commissioners a message that voters would accept a tax increase. That didn't work out well for pet advocates in 2012, but this time around commissioners and Gimenez may be forced to impose drastic spending cuts without the extra revenue. 

It's enough to make Mr. Gimenez say: Oooph. Can you?

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