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Lopez-Cantera: 'No validity' to Mexican-accent story

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera said Monday there's "no validity that we can find" to a report that Gov. Rick Scott's co-finance chair, Coral Gables health care executive Mike Fernandez, resigned a high-level campaign post in part over an incident in which two campaign aides joked in a Mexican accent.

In a conference call with Florida reporters to unveil the campaign's new TV ad, Lopez-Cantera discounted a report in The Miami Herald that Fernandez raised concern over the matter in an email last month, amid other behind-the-scenes disagreements with the direction of Scott's campaign.

Following three straight questions to Lopez-Cantera on the subject, a Republican Party spokeswoman ended the call.

"Mr. Fernandez left to spend more time with his family and concentrate more on his business," Lopez-Cantera said. "This is a diverse organization that we have here and I'm confident that there's probably no basis for any of that."

Asked to elaborate on his comment -- was he saying the incident never happened? -- Lopez-Cantera said: "Like I said, this is a diverse organization. We don't tolerate inappropriate comments and I don't believe they even happened."

To another question as to whether he personally looked into the matter, Lopez-Cantera said: "The campaign has, and there's no validity that we can find to any of those comments, or what was written."

Republican Party of Florida spokeswoman Susan Hepworth ended the conference call after a third question about the matter. "Today, I'm here to talk about the ad," Lopez-Cantera said of a new TV spot that criticizes Charlie Crist for calling Obamacare "great" in a recent CNN appearance. "Okay, operator, I think that's all the time that we have," Hepworth said, ending the call.


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Rober D.

"... I'm confident that there's probably no basis for any of that."
Keyword "probably"

"...I don't believe they even happened."
Keyword "believe"

So here is my question to RPOF and Melissa Sellers. Is Mike Fernandez lying, is he a liar? Is that what you are trying to say? We know Adam Hollingsworth is a proven liar and his reasons for lying. Why would Mike Fernandez lie and what is his reason if you are in fact calling him a liar?

Looks like, and sounds like there is need for a house cleaning with a broad broom.

Bill Thompson

The fish stinks from the head. Start with the scumbag Scott.

Lopez Cantera is not going to be happy with egg on his face after the truth comes out.

Highly paid Republican operative

And that's all the time we have folks. Good bye and good day!

Ed Jenkins

The readers have been greatly disappointed at what were once respected hometown newspapers and television networks going beneath journalism standards to gain attention whether it be gossip such as this or wild speculation about what happened to airline flights in distant places which have relatives greatly distraught. They continue to warn these article writers that this hometown paper will find itself place with the tabloids in the supermarkets if this nonsense continues and these article writers will likely be out of their jobs.


So they are Bigots and Liars, how quaint.

Can't take anymore

If Lopez-Cantera hopes to have a future career in Florida politics he needs to run (not walk) away from Rick Scott as fast as he can. Maybe he too can claim he just "wants to spend more time with his family" as an excuse. The stink of the Scott regime gets stronger every day and may last for years in the halls of the Capitol Complex.

Seth Platt

GOP calling each other liars, well at least they are sort of admitting it.

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