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Marco Rubio blasts OAS' 'sham' Venezuela resolution, chides Obama

From a press release:

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement today regarding last night's passage of an Organization of American States (OAS) resolution regarding the Venezuela crisis:

"First, I want to commend the governments of Canada and Panama for standing with the U.S. and the Inter-American Democratic Charter against this sham of an OAS resolution on Venezuela.

"This resolution essentially takes the side of Nicolas Maduro and his government, fails to account for the complicity and responsibility of this government in violent, state-sanctioned acts against peaceful demonstrators, and fails to call for genuine dialogue to effectively address the Venezuelan people's legitimate demands. In short, it simply is not worth the paper it will be printed on.

"This places a dark stain on OAS Secretary General Insulza's tenure and on the overall retreat from defending human rights and democracy that have marked the OAS' recent years.

"President Obama and his administration also bear a significant share of the responsibility here. This is an indictment of the Obama Administration's 'leading from behind' approach to Latin America that has neglected the region to the point of making the U.S. mere bystanders, as authoritarians destroy decades of hard fought democratic gains.

"This should also be a wake up call for people throughout Latin America and freedom fighters in the hemisphere to redouble our efforts to stand with the people of Venezuela. We must actively push back against creeping authoritarianism and stand strongly in defense of individual freedoms and democratically functioning institutions elsewhere in the hemisphere.

"Given the Obama Administration's unwillingness to do any of this when it comes to Venezuela and throughout our hemisphere, it falls on Congress to lead. I look forward to our next opportunity on Tuesday when the Senate Foreign Relations Committee takes up a resolution on Venezuela. By having Congress lead, hopefully then, President Obama and the administration will follow."


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Fernando Baez

Thanks for standing with us during these dark days. Its really sad how Latin America governments have supported Venezuelan regime

Rudy Haugeneder

The American administration is attempting to do in Venezuela what America did in Chile in 1973 when the democratically elected socialist Chilean president Salvador Allende died in a CIA-sponsored military coup.
Until the coup, the President Richard Nixon administration, like the Obama administration today and the Bush administration immediately beforehand in Venezuela, clandestinely funded independent and non-state media and labor unions, provided support to two truckers' strikes that had a devastating effect in 1972 and 1973 on Chile's economy as the CIA passed money on to private-sector groups, which in turn, with the agency's knowledge, funded a long nationwide truckers strike.
Covertly, the CIA gave nearly $2 million to opposition parties in 1971 and 1972 (a huge amount of money back then); financed anti-Allende media; and encouraged and bankrolled labor strikes against the government.
The trucker strike lasted until the very end without a single moment of relief because it was financed with cash from outside. “The CIA flooded the country with dollars to support the strike by the bosses and . . . foreign capital found its way down into the formation of a black market,” say several accounts. One week before the coup, oil, milk and bread had run out.

Can't take anymore

There is no doubt that Maduro & Co. need to go now. However, anytime we hear that Marcocito "blasts" someone we need to remember that no one cares anymore what this guy has to say about anything.

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