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Marco Rubio goes Uber in DC

From a press release:

On Monday afternoon, Senator Rubio will visit Uber’s headquarters in Washington, DC for a discussion on the importance of American innovation. Rubio will address the importance of adapting antiquated government regulations to increase economic opportunities, like in Florida, where current law doesn’t allow for modern transportation options like Uber. Uber’s East Coast General Manager Rachel Holt and an Uber partner will participate in the discussion, followed by questions from the audience and a tour of the DC Headquarters.


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Chris Van Dyk

Hopefully, Senator Rubio will ask Uber why they have been facilitating the operation of uninsured motor vehicles transporting public passengers, contrary to law in jurisdictions throughout the United States. Perhaps he will ask them, if the next market disruptive App they bring to the table, is facilitating the communication of prostitutes with johns, and if the existence of the App somehow justifies the illegal behavior.... Senator Rubio, if you don't think laws mean anything, why do you collect a paycheck from the taxpayers, for passing them?

No Me Gusta Marco



Uber is awesome and we will VERY SOON, have it available for all Floridians to enjoy.


#UberFraud @chi1cabby
Uber insists it's "a marketplace" rather than a taxi company. Okay! I'll take that at face value. Uber maintains that this marketplace is self-regulating. So then they'd be bound to not manipulate the market, engage in price fixing and consumer fraud, address persistent rider complaints, and weed out the bad apples, right? Well I have documented in exhaustive detail how Uber engages in all these anticompetitive and illegal activities. And that it's rating system is a sham, for PR purposes only. Please have a look at facebook.com/justus.aguy

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