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Meet the Herald/Times team


(From left to right, From left to right: Amy Hollyfield, Sergio Bustos, Marc Caputo, Tia Mitchell, Steve Bousquet, Kathleen McGrory, Michael Van Sickler, Mary Ellen Klas and Adam Smith. Times photo by Scott Keeler)

The 2014 session of the Florida Legislature starts Tuesday, so get ready for wall-to-wall political coverage from the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times

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My observations: Marc is shorter, Mary Ellen is a babe, and Adam, like me, needs to lay off the carbs.

Nice pic but doubt if you can beat the Noles.


Adam looks like an Easter egg

Ed Jenkins

The readers are always happy to meet the article writers for their hometown paper. However the writers must know that large amounts of articles written in recent decades have not been found relevant to readers of this hometown paper, while other readers have correctly detected biases in this hometown paper towards certain political parties or candidates. As a result of this subscriptions have dropped dramatically at this hometown paper and the writers will need to take all of this into account in their article writing in the future if they hope to maintain their jobs.

Ed Jenkin's Doctor

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Ed Jenkin's psychiatrist

Bravo Doc for a lucid diagnosis. Perhaps we ought to compare notes
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