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Miami-Dade College profs want to fight corruption with 'Candidates Academy'

Miami-Dade College’s professors have had enough of bad candidates and politicians.

So they’re doing something about it: Identifying future political leaders and training them in a six-month intensive fellowship for free.

Called “Candidates Academy,” the effort comes after a bleak year for public integrity in Florida’s largest county: Three sitting mayors indicted in state and federal corruption schemes, the indictment of a former congressional candidate and the jailing of a top political strategist.

“We deserve better candidates than we have,” said Mark Richard, president of the United Faculty of Miami-Dade College union. “And yes, polling shows and anecdotal evidence shows that Americans aren’t quite sure we have the best politicians.”

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Ed Jenkins

The citizens do not have any interest in the opinions of teachers at some low rate college for those that cannot qualify for real colleges. These people should do their jobs and teach but beyond that the citizens have no need to hear from them.

Bill Thompson

The citizens applaud these efforts to improve integrity in government and perhaps we can eventually get rid of these scumbags currently in control in Tallahassee.

Ross Hancock

But the faculty union that proposes this contributes to campaigns like Rep. Erik Fresen's?

Dave Lee

No one will take this as serious positive change when Mark Richard is involved. He is the mastermind putting and keeping in corrupt people in office. This is why he wants to teach them and screen them. Hippocrates

JoHNny HoTHead

The citizens have no need to hear from Ed Jenkins, but does that stop him from spouting his inane opinions every time the Herald opens the comment line?


Miami Dade College is one of the most corrupted institutions if higher education in the country. How dare they try to teach anyone about how to behave. Fix your self --fire the corrupted campus and college presidents, lazy professors and employees. And try doing your real job --to teach students how to read and write. Instead of pretending to help people within the community while all along cashing fat pay checks and getting your friends jobs. How many people actually graduate from MDC? Maybe 30 percent? And that percentage is probably based on forged numbers. Democracy College!! What a joke. Run by a bunch of Nazi's who protected each other from being exposed for their unethical behavior.

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