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Miami-Dade Delgation starts 2014 session with united front on budget issues

Late last month, state lawmakers from across Miami-Dade County hunkered down and drew up a list of their collective priorities.

The exercise was about more than creating a road map for the upcoming session. It was about presenting a united front to the Florida Legislature.

“For first time in a long time, the Miami-Dade delegation is seen as a substantive delegation, rather than a bunch of crazy people who fight each other,” said Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, a Miami Republican and vice chair of the delegation.

That newfound cohesion may help the state’s largest delegation accomplish its goals in Tallahassee this year.

The priorities are as diverse as the delegation itself: Protect funding for Jackson Memorial Hospital; increase incentives to lure the film industry to Florida; step up the penalties for hit-and-run drivers; and extend in-state tuition college rates to undocumented students.

Miami-Dade lawmakers will also work together to secure state dollars for local projects, from the Skyrise Miami observation tower to the senior centers known as comedores.

Still, some high-profile — and high-impact — issues are likely to be divisive.

Miami-Dade lawmakers have already expressed conflicting opinions on subsidies for sports stadiums, destination casinos and a half-penny sales tax to support construction at Miami Dade College and Florida International University.

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ed jenkins

The citizens have no interest in subsidizing businesses to temporarily do more business in our city so they request that attempts to place this film industry subsidy in the legislative agenda be removed. In addition this industry causes tremendous burdens on the city with its blocking of streets and other public places.

Bill Thompson

The citizens encourage the legislature to continue to incentivize film makers to come to the sunshine state as the film production business is a clean business that provides high paying jobs in our communities. There are many local businesses that provide services to film production companies, including talent scouts, site selection, catering, equipment and technical people. In addition, it supports our local hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies. Miami is a hot town internationally right now and we should do everything to exploit that to boost our economy.

Bill Thompson

The GOP controlled legislature is busy on other issues and does not care about Medicaid. The GOP is busy working on its priority legislation to legalize medical marijuana, legalize more casino gambling and give in-state tuition breaks to illegal aliens.


Shut up you loser thompson. Haven't you noticed no one wants to hear your whining? And we don't want to hear about how you support the democrats, the party of losers because you are so worthless and sit on your ass all day hoping for more government checks you leach. No you piece of trash it isn't the republicans fault you are such a failure at life, it is yours.

Bill Thompson

The tourist taxes collected from the film production companies also support the various projects around town that are financed with such taxes and save the county's taxpayers from having to pay for it out of property taxes.

Bill Thompson

The citizens realize that certain facts are painful for certain unwise commentators to read, but the facts are the facts and certain unwise commentators have to realize that.

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