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New details emerge in North Miami absentee-ballot requests investigation

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Nacivre Charles sat behind the wheel of a black 2008 Toyota Tundra in Miami late last year when police pulled him over. It was no routine traffic stop.

The cops knew Charles, a 56-year-old political operative known as “Charlie,” was driving with a suspended license. Yet that’s not why they had been secretly trailing him.

They were after evidence of attempted elections mischief.

In the SUV, officers found numerous Miami-Dade County absentee-ballot request forms. The same day, investigators raided the private business office of Lucie Tondreau in connection with 60 unlawful absentee-ballot requests submitted online. The recently elected North Miami mayor had paid Charles to be her campaign treasurer.

New details about Charles’ arrest, and how police and prosecutors traced the requests to him and Tondreau, emerged in a search warrant signed in January as part of the ongoing investigation by the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office. No one has been charged.

The Jan. 23 warrant gave police permission to search Charles’ black UTStarcom cell phone seized in the November arrest.

Tondreau, a Democrat in a nonpartisan post, has denied any wrongdoing. She has said that she would cooperate with authorities.

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ed jenkins

As we have seen, these early and absentee voting schemes only allow for election fraud to be committed cancelling out valid votes with fraudulent ones harming the integrity of the election process. The citizens also do not approve of the fact that a voter may cast his vote and subsequently a mind changing event can occur while the voter has no ability to change his vote. As a result the citizens request an end to these programs and voting only on election day as was intended.

Andre the Midget

Not many new details. Please wake me up when you advance this story.


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