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Nobody wants to talk about Medicaid expansion

The debate that dominated last year’s legislative session hasn’t gone away.

Hospitals, powerful business alliances and grassroots advocacy groups still believe Florida should access the billions of federal dollars available for Medicaid expansion.

The difference between this year and last: Nobody wants to talk about it.

House Republicans, who blocked a similar move in 2013, say there is no point in having the contentious conversation again.

“The federal government has parameters that are too constrictive,” said Rep. Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’Lakes, of the guidelines for accepting the money. “Until the feds say they will give us flexibility, there is no reason to move forward.”

But critics say election-year politics are at play. Polls show that some registered Republicans in Florida oppose Medicaid expansion. And in an election year, Republican lawmakers are particularly wary of supporting policies associated with Obamacare.

“Ideology is the only thing stopping House Republicans from moving forward on this issue,” House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston said. “Not expanding healthcare is the wrong thing for Florida.”

Last year, the Senate unanimously approved a bill that would allow the use of federal Medicaid expansion dollars to buy private insurance policies for poor Floridians.

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Disgusting. People will die without the affordability of dealing with chronic conditions in a timely manner. These same politicians wasted no time in maintaining their cheap, government provided, healthcare.

Ed Jenkins

The citizens have already spoken on this issue and there is no need to write more articles on it. They greatly oppose being obligated to pay bills of others who do not want to pay their own bills either because they have spent large amounts of money on extravagant meals, luxury autos and homes (and gadgets and subscription services for those homes) or even worse dangerous illegal drugs. For those truly unfortunate the citizens have set up charities.


The main opponent to the Medicaid expansion was Will Weatherford and the charity that bailed his family out was Medicaid.

Patrick Jones

Ed Jenkins your comments make me laugh. First, you will pay whether you believe it or not. Where do you think the federal tax dollars come from that pay for the expansion of Medicaid, in the States that were smart enough to expand? Every state but Florida? Sorry but Floridians will pay.

Second, some folks work 40 hours a week at $9 dollars an hour and will never be able to afford health care. Should we just put them all to sleep Ed, or let them go to the ER for care and we can all pay for it anyway? It's not that simple Ed.

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