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Rick Scott gets personal in new TV ad. And drops big money: $2.2 million


Gov. Rick Scott's campaign is going back to the beginning.

In a new ad from his Let's Get to Work political committee, the governor released a 30-second autobiographic spot where he talks about growing up poor and seeing his parents struggle. Consider this the rags part of the rags-to-riches story.

"It's a significant buy: $2.2 million," said Scott's campaign chairman, state Sen. John Thrasher, R-St.Augustine.

The ad serves three immediate purposes: "It's an opportunity to re-introduce him," said Thrasher. It personalizes a governor who has struggled in the polls (this significant buy is earlier than his ad campaign in 2010 when he was a nobody). And it pivots to Scott's raison d'être: job creation.

"What can I do today that’s going to increase the chance that companies are going to hire more people in Florida?" Scott, at the ad's end, says he asks himself. "I want people to have the same shot I had."

Expect Florida Democrats to note that the "riches" part of his bio had the stain of a record $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine against his former hospital company, Columbia/HCA.

"It's not accurate. Obviously it's a lie....The fact that he made money shouldn't be an issue to anybody," Thrasher said. He then turned to Scott's leading Democratic rival.

"Charlie Crist is a professional politician. He's a professional mud slinger," Thrasher said, saying Crist should answer questions about working for the Morgan & Morgan law firm and how he made his money. 



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Highly paid Republican operative

Rags to riches. That is the Boss.

Tally Folly

Rick Scott continues to increase opportunities for corporations and the wealthiest Floridians while decreasing opportunities for the middle class. He is a 1%'r and those are the ONLY people he cares about.

Bill Thompson

"Charlie Crist is a professional politician. He's a professional mud slinger,"

--said by professional politician and professional mud slinger State Senator John Thrasher, who himself is looking for another government job as FSU President so that he can continue to leech off the taxpayers.

Bill Thompson

The citizens have seen enough of this Scott in the last 3 years to know who he really is and no multi-million dollar slick ad campaign will change our minds.


So after spending $100 million of his own money the first go-round, he is going to try to reintroduce himself as the guy who started out as a poor kid?

Need to come up with a new approach... not sure it will work two times.

But then again, the nation elected our President twice.

Highly paid Republican operative

Yes and it steamroll the poor Dems before they know what hit em.


We need to look past the massive amounts of money that will be spent this year by both sides and make sure that we chose a person with a clear record. Crist has shown to be inconstant and Scott is rife with issues.

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