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PolitiFact checks Scott's claims about education, taxes

Gov. Rick Scott’s fourth State of the State address before the Florida Legislature on Tuesday focused on tax cuts and job growth during his term, spinning some of the facts to put his term in the best light.

Contrasting his tenure with former Gov. Charlie Crist (his presumptive rival in this fall’s gubernatorial election), Scott claimed he had fulfilled his key 2010 campaign promises to curb spending and help employment rebound. He also touted the state’s education system.

PolitiFact Florida decided to take a look at some of the issues he highlighted to see how they rated on the Truth-O-Meter. 

We fact-checked Scott's claim about $10,000 degrees and high school rankings and recapped our past fact-checks related to jobs and the economy. Read PolitiFact's full analysis of the speech here.


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Rick Scott doesn't care about the truth. He has A LOT of money. He will repeat his lies over and over until the sheople believe them. I doubt it will work, but I have less and less faith in the citizens of Floriduh to see through the steamy BS masquerading as the fog of truth. Republicans are nefarious class warriors pretending to be proponents of prosperity. Beware of Republicans, even Republicans bearing gifts.

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