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Protestors crash Gov. Rick Scott's fundraiser in Coral Gables

Protesters appeared in front of the Coral Gables home of Ralph Garcia-Toledo, who was holding a private fundraiser for Governor Scott and Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera on Thursday night,  according to the Miami Economic Sustainability Alliance, which organized the demonstration.

Garcia-Toledo is a local businessman who is active in Miami-Dade politics and has been a strong supporter of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

“Hardworking Miami-Dade residents looking for good jobs, access to affordable healthcare and reliable pubic services can’t afford the required $3,000 minimum contribution to get into the fundraiser to talk to their Governor,” said Fred Frost, the group's vice president in a statement. 

"We want to properly welcome the Governor to Miami-Dade County, a metropolitan region with one of the greatest wealth inequality gaps in the nation,” he added.

(Photos by Miami Herald's Gregory Castillo)



Teresa Alvarez, 82, stands with protesters in front of the house of Ralph Garcia-Toledo in Coral Gables.





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Robert J

Gov. Scott reportedly said: Are they talking about me? What did I do wrong? Geez, maybe if they had jobs; they couldn't protest like this. Who told them I was going to be here? Find out and fire that rat.Do these protesters really not understand how hard it is to be rich?

Patricia Ireland

This is the best reception that could have been organized for the governor!

Laurens R. Hunt

I don't know where to even begin. Governor Rick Scott is not just compassionless and savage like. He has been promoting mandatory drug testing for those receiving public assistance. Mr. Scott now also supports making it be considered criminal trespassing and a felony for a homeless resident to use a blanket when the outside temperature is below freezing. Rick Scott is wrought in Board of Elections violations. He has been engrossed in voter fraud scandals that he continues to accuse the Democrats of. He also illegally became involved in the voter recount regarding formerly defeated Republican Congressman Allen West. This is just to name a few abuses of power on the part of Governor Scott. He has never been recalled or impeached for his crimes. Come November it is our chance to defeat and send him to prison.

Robert J

Ah Allen West. He got the boot from the Army and from the people from his district; for not being able to do his duty. I understand he has the same problem with Women; he talks about being the Man, yet...

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