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Ros-Lehtinen's legislation calling for end to Venezuela violence passes House


A near-unanimous U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved Miami Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's resolution supporting peaceful protests in Venezuela.

The House voted 393-1 in favor of the legislation, House Resolution 488, which decries repressive tactics by the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Despite the show of unity, "our work is not yet done," Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement. "The solidarity is warranted, and now it must be backed up by action to help save the lives of the suffering people of Venezuela."

The Republican said she is circulating a letter among members of Congress asking President Obama to impose sanctions against Maduro and his administration, including denying U.S. visas, freezing their U.S. assets and blocking any financial transactions.

Among the original co-sponsors of Ros-Lehtinen's resolution were Republican Mario Diaz-Balart and Democrat Joe Garcia, both of Miami, as well as other members of the Florida delegation from both sides of the political aisle.

Read their statements below.

From Diaz-Balart:

“The people of Venezuela continue to suffer the oppressive and brutal acts of the Maduro regime. Freedom of speech, a government free of corruption, democracy, and basic human rights – these are all things that people are entitled to, yet Venezuelans find themselves risking their lives in order to obtain them. This resolution reaffirms that the United States Congress stands with the heroic people of Venezuela, and against the tyranny that enchains them.” 

From Garcia:

“As the crisis in Venezuela continues, it is critical the United States work with the international community to support the Venezuelan people and hold the Venezuelan government accountable for their gross violation of human rights and universal democratic principles. 

“I was proud to support H.Res. 488 as an original cosponsor.  Its passage today shows the Venezuelan people they are not alone and that the United States House of Representatives stands with them in their fight for freedom and justice. 

“I commend my colleague Rep. Ros-Lehtinen for her leadership in introducing this resolution and will continue to urge my colleagues to work together to address the violence and oppression in Venezuela.”


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ed jenkins

This horrible lady who cannot choose a name should have been voted out long ago. This democrat primary voter has been proud to have cast votes against the terrible lehtinen in every election he has voted, unfortunately not enough citizens have joined him yet.

Alberto Hernandez

THANKS U.S.A. for a 1st step but we Venezuelans around the world would like to see action as mentioned: "sanctions against Maduro and his administration, including denying U.S. visas, freezing their U.S. assets and blocking any financial transactions."
A Venezuelan auto exiled in Portugal

Bill Thompson

The citizens applaud the congresswoman from Miami and her colleagues in Washington D.C. that are standing up for freedom, democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela. She is correct that more has to be done to free Venezuela from this thug and his followers.

Margherita Cardone

Venezuela's dictatorship is under the control of Cuba...comunism is spreading through America Latina, financed by Vzla's Regime and under Cuba's supervision. This modern verision of Comunism (Neo- Totalitarism) fools countries as a cancer would...you don't think you will have it until you are diagnosed; even then a lot of people fights it with denial...because after all starts disguised as a democracy and populism to then become more and more Totalitarian until it can't fool you anymore but it's too late for a moderate treatment or treatment at all. Thanks for having the vision to act and to stand up for freedom, justice & demicracy.

guadalupe badell suarez

This is one of the most positive new i have read in venezuela and about supporting in our human rights in more than 16 years..big thanks and hoping the action can be quick because we are about to have the nacional guard being commanded to take over the goverment of "nicolas maduro"...SOS to venezuela!


Thank you so much for this iniciative, please continue with further actions because what is happening in Venezuela will continue happening with more countries in Central and South America if it doesn't stop with Venezuela. It will continue spreading and it is not what the world wants to see.
We need a free world just like God created us, not with a bunch of criminals deciding on our lives and the future of our children.
The Castros and and the venezuelan aouthorities are a very sofisticated group of criminal that need to be stopped. SOS SOS SOS

Jorge F. Aguirre

Finally a first step to end the Castro-cominism in Venezuela. But actions are needed. I hope President Obamatake the suggested actions and reduce the influence of Cuba in Venezuela and Latin America. I hope the readers here can understand Spanish and go to the non-state controlled newspaper and see what really is happening there, how people are assesinated,jailed, mistreated, all because the Venezuelan people are fed off of Chaves and Maduro so call XXI century socialism. SOS VENEZUELA

Alfredo Lopez

If the Congress of USA really whishes to help Venezuela expel the grip of Communism spreading all over Latin America, please execute the confiscation of all accounts and properties of the thieves conforming the whole Govt of Venezuela, from the President on down to the most humble beurocrat.This could also help to recuperate part of the International reserves that have been ransacked by this horde of narco traffickers.

Posted by: Alfredo Lopez, March, 6 2014, 2:15 PM

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