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School choice bills spark debate

Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have ambitious plans to provide the state’s 2.7 million schoolchildren with more choices in education.

Their focus: fostering the growth of charter schools and voucher programs.

Rep. Manny Diaz Jr., a Hialeah Republican and vice chairman of the House K-12 Subcommittee, said school choice is a priority for the Republican caucus because “it provides opportunities for families to get out of generational poverty.”

But critics believe something else — this year’s gubernatorial election — is driving the push.

“They are afraid they aren’t going to have a governor who would sign all these bills come November,” said Jeff Wright, who oversees public policy advocacy for the Florida Education Association.

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Choice is good but level the playing field. Charter and Private schools should give the same tests and provide the same statistics as public schools. Also teachers should have the same or better certifications, receive at least as much as public school teachers in salary and other compensation. If we turn education over to the corporate world ignorance and poverty will prevail while corporate leaders prove how smart they are.

rosiliana wilder

The biggest thing that is hurting education and preventing students from being prepared to compete in the future is the disastrous Common Core Standards that is being implemented in our schools across the country. Centralized education (one being created by the bureaucrats in Washington, DC) does not work. All kids are not created equal. Education here is Florida is bad and with Common Core will only become worse. This is a Big Government program supported by corporations since they stand to make millions from textbooks, study guides, testing, etc. This was first implemented in Florida by Jeb Bush with the No Child Left Behind program! How ironic that so many students are now failing under this very program. Get rid of Common Core once and for all - do not relabel it, rename it or rebrand it but get rid of it! In many instances where parents have objected to this program it has just been renamed with the assumption that parents are too stupid to realize that it is the same program with a different name. Parents need to become advocates in their children's education and demand that this program be removed and continue to hammer your Governors and legislatures until it is completely gone.

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