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Scott ties Crist to Obama's 'switch doctors' line


From a press release:

The Republican Party of Florida released a new web ad today titled "Right Thing to Do." The ad highlights President Obama's comments from earlier today that the average person could lose their doctor as a result of Obamacare, as well as Charlie Crist's repeated embracing of the law. Rick Scott for Florida is the first campaign in the country to release an ad based on the president's complete reversal of his false claim that individuals who like their doctors would be able to keep them.

"Charlie Crist is the only candidate in America who is giving Obamacare the full embrace. Obamacare has already cancelled health insurance for hundreds of thousands of Floridians and raided Medicare at the expense of 1.3 million Florida seniors. Now the president has finally admitted that many Americans will lose their doctors as a result.  It's appropriate that this ad is the first of its kind because there's no bigger cheerleader for Obamacare than Charlie Crist." - RSFF spokesman Greg Blair


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Ed Jenkins

It is well past time that this scumbag crist be dumped from the democrat ticket as his predicted campaign meltdown has clearly begun. As demonstrated the party has even been advising candidates not to favor this most hated law and a good candidate in the mold of Chiles or Graham would denounce such a horrible invasion of private business between individuals and businesses insuring against future medical expenses yet this scumbag crist still cannot realize what this and other democrat primary voters know is a disastrous position.


Right. We're ranked 37th in healthcare - behind Costa Rica! - and attempting to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all is a crime? The right wing is about as hateful and hurtful as a political party as the Taliban is. It is disgusting that they offer nothing except "get a job" to hard working Americans and yet people still vote for them.


Shut the hell up you whiny leach, no one wants to hear your complaints that the rest of us who actually work aren't paying your lazy ass enough. Go get a husband so we don't have to hear your complaints if you don't like your crappy life. Even worse it looks like some loser had kids with you who are going to turn out to be entitled losers like you so we have to hear your crap from more people you leach.


@FLMom, I don't recall anyone seeking medical treatment in Costa Rica over the US. Your talking points are old and predictable.

Can't take anymore

Tallyho, the people that quietly died from lack of medical care they could not afford or gain access to in the USA every year amount to the tens of thousands. I bet they would have happily gone for treatment in Costa Rica if they had a way to get there.


There's plenty of data out there showing that people in America were and are dying from lack of access to healthcare. I can't help it if people are too ignorant to read facts, and simply wish to call names, or choose to introduce strawmen. This simply allows them to remain in denial, which in turn allows them to continue to vote for hacks who are picking their pockets while they enjoy the perks that they turn around and deny others of. The facts remain the same, regardless. :-)


Shut the hell up already you whiny loser. No one cares that your life sucks so much that you have to rely on all of us hard working people to pay all your bills. Go get a husband already so he can deal with all your nagging and we don't have to you worthless leach.


"A myth is a fixed way of looking at the world which cannot be destroyed because, looked at through the myth, all evidence supports the myth." ~ Edward De Bono

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen the citizens have grown tired of those irresponsible that are not willing to work or as some have pointed out find husbands to support them. It is something to be greatly ashamed of that one mooches off those hard working individuals because one does not want to put in the work required to support ones lifestyle. Of course the citizens know that some fall into unfortunate circumstances and they have set up charities for them, but they do not consider unfortunate spending too much money on extravagant meals, luxury autos and homes or even worse illegal drug abuse.


Propagating that old 'welfare queen' mantra that Ronnie Reagan sold to the gullible public so many years ago, which has been totally debunked, just to help you feel better about looking down on a person isn't going to fix what is wrong in this country, Ed Jenkins.


I wish I could call responses by D "ignorant." But I detect a willful and unreasoning contempt for education, for the working poor, and for those whose lives by chance have been shortened by ill health, incarceration, poor nutrition and the inability to move past a broken place in their lives. I take my direction from the verse Matthew 25:41-46. Read up.

Seth Platt

I think it is wonderful that all these hateful, ignorant, and uncaring right wingers have taken to this blog to show those who care about politics and society how despicable they are. Keep it up. Your vitriol only fuels the fires against you.


Aw the losers are back to complain that we don't care about how their lazy asses have such crappy lives. Whats the matter the real world isn't giving you the handouts and protection that mommy gave you losers? Guess what no one cares and we aren't your parents so if you don't like what crappy lives you have do something about it or find a spouse to support to and deal with your complaints because we don't care you losers.

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