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Gov. Scott's latest TV ad slams Crist on Obamacare

Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign launched a new TV spot Monday that takes aim at Democrat Charlie Crist for referring to Obamacare as "great" in a recent CNN interview. The 30-second spot also shows a St. Augustine Record newspaper masthead and the headline: "300,000 health plans in Florida cancelled," an assertion that has been disputed by the state's largest health care provider, Florida Blue.
Scott's campaign said it will spend $2 million in a statewide TV ad buy set to begin Thursday, March 27. In a statement, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera said: "Obamacare seems to only be ‘great’ for Charlie Crist and his political career.” The Crist campaign's response: "When after four years, you have no record and no vision, you spend millions attacking your opponent. It's the Rick Scott playbook and Floridians have had enough."


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Highly paid Republican operative

Still leaves $98,000,000 more to beat up the Dems!

Ed Jenkins

Democrat primary voters including this one are disgusted that their party leaders have not dumped this horrible man after the much predicted campaign implosion has begun. It is well known to all that the citizens of florida despise this law interfering with contracts made between individuals and businesses for the purpose of insuring against future medical expenses. The scumbag crist has also insulted popular former governors, been involved with judicial nomination commission payoff schemes for which indictment are impending and associated with and raised money from admitted perverts and others in the sex industry as part of the recent campaign meltdown.

Highly paid Republican operative

With $100,000,000 and Ed's help how can the Boss ever lose!

Mrs. Ed Jenkins

Yet, Scott sued to get rid of Obamacare and then changed his mind to support the Medicaid expansion.

Seth Platt

REAL Democratic Primary voters are disgusted that you keep pretending to be one Ed(RPOF Communications Flunkie).
It shows what complete free-fall the Florida GOP is in that they continue to try and win votes by misrepresentation. If your ideals and philosophy are so great, why can't you endorse them without lying to the public?
Not only that, but that they will pay some dumb slob to continually post idiotic rantings on this blog.

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