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Slash and learn: a fact-check on Scott's proposed $3.3B ed cut

Both Charlie Crist and Rick Scott will have gubernatorial records to fuel the campaign fire this year. The attacks have already started, with Crist firing a shot about Scott’s budget actions over the years.

On a page titled "Top 5 reasons to make Florida Scott-free," Crist brings up education spending as No. 1. "Rick Scott tried to slash school funding by $3.3 billion," the site says. "To put that into perspective, $3.3 billion could pay the yearly salaries of more than 70,000 teachers in Florida."

Considering Scott came into office during the Great Recession, his budget cutting is well known. We thought we’d dive into the numbers to see whether he proposed that the state’s schools take a $3.3 billion hit. Read PolitiFact for the full story. 


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Hey sherman you moron haven't you already done your work for the democrat party this week after 4 articles? Why don't you save some of your democrat party helping articles for next week or are your bosses at party headquarters pushing you extra hard because of what a disaster crist has turned out to be you dumb broad.

Highly paid Republican operative

Great work D. Keep up the very insightful posts.

Well connected RNC operative

D. I couldn't have said it better myself. Very intelligent and thoughtful. We need you in Washington. You're my hero.

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