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Sobel wants child welfare bill revised to strengthen child protection

Twenty-four hours after the Miami Herald published the first part of a series detailing the deaths of almost 500 children, the Florida Senate’s top child-welfare legislator said she would overhaul a bill designed to reform the Department of Children & Families.

Sen. Eleanor Sobel said the bill her committee drafted  — which passed unanimously through its first committee last week — would have to be rewritten in light of the “Innocents Lost” series, which chronicles the deaths of 477 children whose families had a history with DCF.

“When I started reading it, I had to put it down. It’s death in your face," said the Hollywood Democrat who chairs the Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs. “We will not sleep or rest until every vulnerable child is rescued from dysfunctional families and guardians. The stories are tear-jerkers. It’s unacceptable this has happened to Florida’s children.”

The number the children who died of abuse or neglect during the past six years increased dramatically as Florida child welfare administrators implemented an intensive family-preservation program that reduced the number of children in state care while slashing services and oversight for children who remained with troubled families.

DCF officials have maintained that family preservation does not trump safety, but conceded that communities may not have enough resources — yet — to assist families struggling with issues such as drug addiction, mental illness and domestic violence. In a statement released late Monday, a spokeswoman said initiatives are underway to improve the agency’s work. More here. 



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Can't take anymore

The loss of children due to parental abuse and/or neglect gets a lot of noise in the legislature every session. Pompous speeches are made, promises to remedy the situation spouted, shake ups at DCF demanded and yet nothing to actually protect vulnerable children every really happens. JEB!'s great experiment to turn the matter over to the private sector and law enforcement was just another reshuffle of the Titanic's deckchairs. Don't expect things to actually improve under the current crop of "statesmen" we have in Tallahassee.


Sobel needs to add the provision that all children are appointed Attorneys.

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