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State may suspend non-citizen voter purge efforts

Facing overwhelming resistance from county election supervisors in a busy election year, Gov. Rick Scott's administration is expected to suspend all efforts in 2014 to comb the Florida voter rolls of suspected non-citizens.

Scott's chief elections official, Secretary of State Ken Detzner, held conference calls with supervisors Thursday, during which he said the state is reluctant to move forward due until it can evaluate new changes to a federal homeland security database, known as SAVE.

Detzner promised a final decision later Thursday. "This process," he said, "causes me some concern in terms of being able to implement a program with credibility and reliability, such that it would not affect or distract supervisors."

Detzner sought input from supervisors on the suspension of purge efforts, and it wasn't long in coming.

"It is a good idea to postpone the project until we're sure we have it right," said Citrus County Supervisor Susan Gill. "The closer it gets to the election which I know you're well aware of, the more likely is it is that we'll get a lot of criticism."



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Ed Jenkins

This basic task and other administrative tasks have no reason to be suspended. If government workers do not want to do government work then they need to be replaced.

Seth Platt

So I checked the voter identification database and there is only one registered Democrat that votes in Primaries from Miami-Dade County with the name Ed Jenkins.
A 71 year old male living in Miami.
I have the phone number of this individual that I believe you are impersonating.
What do you think they will say when I tell them some Right Wing Troll is using their name, to besmirch Democrats and fawn all over Republicans on a daily basis in a major newspaper?
Post in this name again and this will escalate to the next level.
If you believe what you espouse and like to call people names then do it in your own name coward.


What a loser you are you lowlife platt, spending all your time trying to dig into other people's private lives because your party sucks so much. Whats the matter are you afraid one of your loser democrats might not vote for your sorry candidates and you are threatening to go to their house and make them vote democrat now. Your party sucks and so do you you nazi.

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