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Steny Hoyer new Broward Dems keynote speaker


U.S. House minority whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland will be the new keynote speaker for the Broward Democrats’ annual Unity dinner March 15.

Broward Democratic chairman Mitch Ceasar had to scramble to find a new speaker after MSNBC’s Ed Schultz backed out late last month. MSNBC claimed Schultz didn’t know that the event involved fundraising -- despite the fact that the media regularly describe it as the group’s main fundraising event of the year.

PolitiFact’s file on Hoyer show seven True or Mostly True claims including a claim about African-Americans and IDs and a claim about Gitmo and one False claim related to a House rules package.

Former state Sen. Nan Rich of Weston, running an underdog campaign for governor, will also speak. Ceasar invited Rich’s Democratic rival, former Gov. Charlie Crist, but hasn’t confirmed whether he will speak. 


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ed jenkins

The party leaders continue to appear out of touch with the choice of this obscure congressman from a distant place when just as good of a local person could have been found at a lower transportation cost. It is no wonder these people continue to push the scumbag crist on democrat primary voters as they are doing their best to push this democrat primary voter to make voters for non-democrat party members with their out of touch decisions. There is a reason why democrat office holders are such a small minority in this state after having been a large majority when this voter started voting and that is because they have driven away important groups of voters with their extremist positions.

Seth Platt

As usual the reader (Republican blogger) ed jenkins doesn't know what he is talking about.

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