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11-year-old arrives to send message to Senate on medical marijuana

Photo (13)In the broad array of rhetoric employed by Florida’s legislators during a regular session, it is not often a bill can truthfully be considered lifesaving. For RayAnn Moseley, 11, and her parents, the vote in the Florida Senate on SB 1030 on Monday is her last best hope that she could get legitimate access to a marijuana extract in Florida that could potentially save her life.

"We've told her we are here to get her new medicine,'' says Holley Moseley, her mom.

RayAnn has cerebral palsy and has suffered from intractable epilepsy, a debilitating disease that often takes children before their 20th birthday.

Her parents, Holley and Peyton Moseley of Gulf Breeze, have spent the last four months urging Florida lawmakers to find a way to make a special strain of marijuana available to their daughter and children like it. The measure is expected to pass the Senate but faces a steep hurdle in the House where leaders are not prepared to take up the bill as they quietly believe that Florida cannot make the extract available safely.


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ed jenkins

The citizens have already decided that they do not want these dangerous illegal drugs in their society which and want a stop to these efforts by drug dealers and drug abusers to proliferate these drugs harmful to our youth and which cause adults to lead worthless lives. These horrible parents who announce intentions to drug their children with these dangerous and debilitating drugs need to have this poor child taken away and placed into a proper home.


Wow ed. Can you be any less educated? You might want to actually read some literature on the subject before opening your extremely large mouth. I hope you don't have children because you sound like a complete dick.

Smart thinking

Richard ed jenkins.

Kathleen Dale

Charlotte's web oil, which Senate bill 1030 and House bill 843 would make available, can not get a person high. THC is the component of marijuana that creates the high. CBD is the component of marijuana that stops seizures. Charlotte's web oil is extremely low in THC and high in CBD. It would be unconscionable to allow a child to die when you have the ability to save them. Nearly everyday I watch my son seize and I know that every seizure causes brain damage and could end his life. I hold him as he jerks and his muscles tighten. His lips and fingers turn blue and tears run from his eyes. He gets so scared but he tries to be brave. We give him the emergency medications from his doctor. The same medication used in some states for lethal injection and it comes with a warning that it can cause death. Now, tell me am I a bad parent because I want to give my child a future. It may or may not work for him but it has helped a lot children and it is worth a shot. We have nothing to lose. At worse it only helps other people's precious children and to me that would still be a win.


.."to their daughter and children like it."

can anyone say editor?

..."to their daughter and children like her."


ed jenkins - are you Edward Joseph Jenkins of Lakeland?


The Denver Police Dept has released data indicating that crime has DECREASED since marijuana was legalized. Look it up.

Jim Bleyer

Mary Ellen Klas: great article!

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