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2nd mysterious departure: Crist's new spokesman leaves


Something's weird in Charlie Crist's campaign.

His new spokesman, Eric Conrad, just left after less than a week on the job "to pursure other opportunities," said de-facto spokesman Kevin Cate. The pro-Crist Saint Petersblog noted the departure first.

Cate has said as much before when Bill Hyers, Crist's here-today-gone-tomorrow campaign manager quit before/around the time he started.

Gov. Rick Scott, too, has had his share of shakeups. So it's not as if these things don't happen. They do.

But Crist is walking a tight rope. He doesn't have the money that Scott has. Florida Democrats don't have the organization Republicans do. And for a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, having Democrats in good standing suddenly up and leave your campaign with no explanation looks a lot more damaging.

This is a potential leading indicator of why some establishment Democrats, namely those who wanted Sen. Bill Nelson to run, were so nervous about Crist. Like a gifted athlete, Crist relies on his own talents. But he resists coaching. He doesn't always take good advice. He acts spur of the moment. His campaign is more of a cult of personality compared to Scott's campaign, which is more like a disciplined business start up.

"Charlie thinks he can do everything on his own. For a certain type of personality, that can be frustrating," said one Democrat familiar with the campaign. "It's not really weird that this stuff happens because, if you think about it, Charlie's a weird guy."

UPDATE: The shakeup led to the inevitable smack-talk when Susan Hepworth, Republican Party of Florida spokeswoman, trolled Crist adviser Jim Messina, who was President Obama's campaign manager in 2012.

Hepworth: "Has anyone asked @Messina2012 how he thinks the @CharlieCrist campaign is shaping up? http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/...."

Messina: ‏".@shepworth I feel great about .@CharlieCrist campaign! Especially w u doing the same great work u did for Romney in FL."


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ed jenkins

The readers again have no interest in the employees of these various campaigns as employees in every organization change from time to time for various reasons.

It is not surprising that this man after a close look at the campaign meltdown in progress would not want to be associated with the scumbag crist and his disastrous campaign results. It makes democrat primary voters including this one continue to question why party leaders have stuck with this horrible man and not followed the winning tradition of graham and chiles with finding upstanding individuals rather than one party leaders call a "weird guy" since the citizens of florida do not want a weird guy running their state.

Highly paid Republican consultant

Nor do they a "weird guy" posting incessantly.

Highly paid Republican consultant


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