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Ahead of Bill Clinton fundraiser, RPOF web ad recalls Crist calling on him to resign

From a press release:

Today, the Republican Party of Florida released a new on-line ad, "Money and Fame." Former President Bill Clinton is set to headline a DGA fundraiser for the benefit of Charlie Crist in Miami Beach on May 6th. This ad highlights Charlie Crist’s previous statements about the former President while Crist was running for U.S. Senate in 1998 against Senator Bob Graham.

This digital ad will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.

STATEMENT FROM RPOF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR JUSTON JOHNSON: “The only thing that stays the same about Charlie Crist is that he will say or do anything for money and fame. Was Charlie Crist lying then, when he called Bill Clinton a liar and asked him to resign from office, or is he lying now, when he calls him a friend?”



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ed jenkins

As we have seen democrat party leaders appear to have made yet another mistake offensive to their primary voters and family friendly Floridians by bringing up this bad memory from decades ago and inviting a disgraced former president to promote the party in the state. They would be best to remove their preferred candidate status from the scumbag crist and revoke the invitation to speak to this bad memory from the 90s and get back to associating with honorable men such as Graham and Chiles who were the last to win the governors position for this once great party.

Bill Thompson

The citizens fondly recall the 1990's and the Clinton presidency as a time of economic prosperity, pragmatic leadership and fiscal responsibility. The popular former president has distinguished himself in retirement by his leadership of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

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