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Anti-soccer port groups begins an ad blitz


The anti-soccer group, backed Royal Caribbean and cargo operators, unveiled a collection of television and radio ads on Friday. Spoiler: they compare the proposed David Beckham soccer stadium in PortMiami to the Marlins Park deal. 

 Miami-Dade County and Miami borrowed more than $400 million for the baseball park, and provided the land, while Beckham said he's only seeking land and a state subsidy for his stadium. And his negotiators have promised MIami-Dade will receive market rent for the county-owned site will pay.

The anti-stadium group, the Miami Seaport Alliance, insists the port can't handle the traffic and crowds from a soccer stadium and that Beckham risks damaging a major economic engine for the county.

The English-language version of the ad:



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ed jenkins

The citizens have already made it known that they want none of their money going to pay for stadiums for sports teams just as they do not want their money paying for the property and equipment of any other business that will only go to the benefit of the owner of that business. This includes below market rental rates or sales prices on citizen owned land and buildings.

While the citizens welcome all new businesses, they suggest that these business owners consider another country for this venture as the people of this country have no interest in this primitive sport. The people of this country developed more advanced sports which entertain them since they were bored with the dull sport of soccer.


Ed Jenkins is stupid. And stupid is what stupid says what stupid does. Why do I say Ed Jenkins stupid? Because all of the reports, including this article, clearly said Beckham & Co. will pay for the stadium themselves and they will pay the market price for the land. The only thing they are asking from the State, not the county but the State, is the sports' subsidy which the State provides to all professional sports. So yes, Ed Jenkins is stupid and there's no doubt about it.


As for Royal Caribbean & Co. who are opposing the stadium at Port Miami, they are the ones who are STEALING the public and State AND county's money by paying BELOW market price rent of the Port land and failed to develop the Port land despite having been there for years and years AND currently the Port are having debt of nearly $1 Billion Dollar, but still the State and the Miami County are giving them more loan in the hope they will develop the vacant land, which they didn't. Their so-called plan to build commercial and business facilities at the south of the Port contradicts with the downtown development of Miami where there are already a lot of vacant building and offices, and their plan for commercial development has nothing to do with any maritime or shipping activities, yet they dare to oppose the building of the stadium which is not only not contradict with downtown development, but also will help the Port to pay their debt? If Miami people support the Royal Caribbean, then Miami people are stupid!

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