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CD19 donnybrook, part XXVII: Connie Mack vs. Brian Hughes


DonnybrookEver since cocaine Congressman Trey Radel resigned his Southwest Florida seat, the Republicans vying to replace him have torn each other up.

Today, their backers got into it on Twitter: Former Congressman Connie Mack (Curt Clawson's supporter) and consultant Brian Hughes (a former spokesman for Gov. Rick Scott who's running Lizbeth Benacquisto's campaign).

Hughes kicked it off last night with this Tweet: "Lobbyist @ConnieMackIV 's other disgraced, hand picked candidate returns donor cash. http://www.politicalfixflorida.com...."

This morning it was Mack's turn:

Mack: “@GoMeteoric How's it feel to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar? All that lying and RPOF $$$ & you are still going to lose. #FL19” [background here]

Hughes: “.@ConnieMackIV Such a statesman. Wanna talk about u begging RPOF for six-figure "consulting" contract the day after Nelson cleaned ur clock?”

Mack: “@GoMeteoric Such a hack. You mean the one Gov. Scott suggested. You still haven't responded to getting caught lying. #StopTheLies #FL19”

Conservative consultant Christian Cámara (aka ‏@Reaganista) weighed in: “@ConnieMackIV @GoMeteoric #TwitterFight”

Hughes: “@ConnieMackIV I am going to stop this back and forth before I get a tweet challenging me to a beer-fueled fisticuffs in front of a Hooters.”

Florida Democratic spokesman Max Steele (‏@maxasteele) provided the helpful background: “@GoMeteoric Meet @ConnieMackIV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs2LGKdDPf4 … #GameOver #sayfie”

Mack: “@GoMeteoric :-) You still won't answer the question about getting caught lying and you will be on the losing side of #FL19. #StopTheLies”

Hughes: “@ConnieMackIV RPOF answered ur BS charges and SuperPAC's work without coordination. Remember? http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics..."

Thus ended the donnybrook. For now.

Oops. Looks like I was wrong. Just after posting, Hughes threw another haymaker: "@ConnieMackIV Is this what a 13-point loss does to a person? Are you bored, underemployed, or billing Clawson by the tweet?"


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Highly paid Republican consultant

Love it.

ed jenkins

The readers have many times commented that they have no interest in reading about politicians from distant places in their hometown paper. The ignoring of readers desires has lead to massive declines in subscribers in this hometown paper and those that have interest in stories from distant places can find their information in papers from those towns.

Not exactly Lincolnesque

It's like watching poodles fight.

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