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Charlie Crist gets an endorsement from a prominent Tampa philanthropist -- who's a Republican

David Straz, a retired banker and one of Tampa Bay's most prominent philanthropists, endorsed Charlie Crist for governor on Wednesday.

"I intend to support him a a big way," said Straz, a Republican and former Rick Scott supporter said inside the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa.

"It is the responsibility of each of us to give back to our communities," said Straz, who contributed an estimated $25-million to the Performing ArtsCenter. "Unfortunaly some outsiders come to Florida and just take. Rick Scott took from Floridians as a CEO and he is still taking from our state. He took away high speed transportation and jobs from the city of Tampa. He wanted to take away $4.8-billion from education and he took away access to affordable health care for 1.1-million Floridians."

Crist gave his own blistering assessment of Gov. Scott, contrasting Scott's business experience to Straz's.

"David's a businessman. We've got a guy in the governor's mansion who calls himself a businessman - but not a good one in my humble opinion," Crist said. " You all know the story. His company had to pay the largest fine for Medicare fraud in the history of the United States of America at the time - $1.7-billion. What kind of company was it? It was a health care company, HCA Columbia. And what did they do? They took money from poor people. They upcoded. You know what upcoding is? It's a fancy word that means they charged too much. when you charge too much you're stealing. And you're stealing from sick people, and that's wrong. I can't believe he's governor. But in seven months we can fix it and get Florida back on track."

About the auto registration fees that went up with Crist in charge and now are dropping under Scott's leadership, Crist made no apologies.

"We had to get through a tough time, and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions. The fees went up on automobiles and we got through a time time. And we saved thousands of teachers jobs, law enforcement officers' jobs, firefighters' jobs. We maintained a decent economy that was struggling worse than it ever had since the Great Depression itself, and as a result before I left office we were starting to turn around Florida's economy. I'm very proud of that."

- Adam C. Smith, Tampa Bay Times


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Not Ed Jenkins

Give em hell Charlie!

Kevin Wright

Must be that David Straz has some judgeships, or other state offices that he needs his cronies in. Court testimony, under oath, has proven that Charlie was taking quid pro quo political donations. Charlie Crist will do for the Democrat Party, what he did for the Republican Party: get the Party Chairman to fall on the sword for him, in an orange jumpsuit.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen the wise Kevin Wright is well aware of the unethical and illegal deals the scumbag crist makes to secure financial resources and this appears to be another that we will have to wait for the details to come out of what horribly unethical promise this terrible man has made to this dirty straz person.

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