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Cruise line leads alliance against David Beckham soccer stadium at PortMiami


Royal Caribbean Cruises and its allies have formed an organization to oppose a Major League Soccer stadium at PortMiami, marking the first coordinated resistance to David Beckham’s waterfront dream.

The Miami Seaport Alliance took out a full-page advertisement in Monday’s Miami Herald, titled “Here We Go Again,” to launch its campaign against the 25,000-seat, open-air stadium Beckham and his representatives have proposed on the port’s shallow southwest corner.

“The Alliance wholeheartedly supports a soccer franchise in Miami and believes there are other sites that would benefit greatly from a stadium,” the ad said. “However, PortMiami is not one of them, due to the risks a port stadium would pose to jobs, cruise and cargo operations, security, and the port’s promising future.”

A Coral Gables public-relations firm, Kreps DeMaria, registered the alliance’s website last week, records show, on the same day several Miami-Dade County commissioners — who voted unanimously in December for Mayor Carlos Gimenez to begin negotiations with Beckham’s team — cautioned that they might no be on board with a port stadium.

“People are responding to speculation,” John Alschuler, Beckham’s real-estate adviser, said Monday. “I’ve got confidence that commissioners, when presented with a formal recommendation by the mayor — and a full, factual briefing — will respond to the facts.”

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ed jenkins

The citizens have already stated they want none of their confiscated money to be used for the benefit of sports teams just like any other business must find its own financing and they are very worried that political leaders may find a way to improperly use money towards this effort. There is no reason for political leaders to be meeting with this organization since it is not part of their job and a private business can establish itself without meeting with politicians just fine.

While the citizens welcome all new businesses to this state they recommend this group look for another country since this country has proven it has no interest in this primitive game. The country bored with this dull sport invented more advanced games such as football more than a century ago.

No Way Jose

PortMiami owes over $1 BILLION to bond holders and various creditors. 12-16 soccer games a year doesn't really do the job. PortMiami needs strong management and it does NOT need another Marlins type financial disaster.

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