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Dario Moreno: Governor must act now to show Hispanics he respects them

Dario Mareno, pollster, consultant and FIU professor of politics wrote the following in today's the Miami Herald:

Gov. Rick Scott’s reelection campaign hit a speed bump recently that stops its positive momentum and could possibly derail the campaign’s effort to reach out to Florida’s Hispanic voters.

Facing a tough re-election against former Gov. Charlie Crist, Scott stumbled badly in dealing with the resignation of Mike Fernandez as the campaign’s co-finance chair. The abrupt resignation of a prominent Hispanic businessman blasting the campaign’s Spanish-language advertising and accusing aides of mimicking Mexican accents presents a defining moment for Scott’s reelection campaign.

The Scott campaign must decide if it is indeed interested in mounting a serious Hispanic campaign or if it will concede Florida’s sizeable Hispanic vote to Crist.

Fernandez’s resignation resurrects concerns among some Hispanic voters that the governor is anti-Hispanic. The tragedy for Scott is that he was making significant progress with Hispanic voters before the incident occurred. More here. 


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Mrs. Ed Jenkins

He's a bigot, as are most White southern Republicans. Get over it. You were duped, silly conservative Cubans. Basically duped. They don't love you. They only want your votes.

Not Ed Jenkins

How many years married if I may ask?

Can't take anymore

After three years as Governor itt might not yet have dawned on Rick Scott that voters are not like his private sector employees that he could order around and whose feelings he could ignore. Someone needs to tell him he is not the CEO of Florida.

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