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Democrats try to raise Florida’s minimum wage, but the conversation goes nowhere

They held protests and press conferences. Several even spent the week living on $7.93 an hour.

But try as they might, Democratic lawmakers could not spark a discussion about increasing the state minimum wage.

"It’s a debate that’s being had everywhere but Florida," said Sen. Dwight Bullard, the Miami-Dade Democrat leading the charge. "Republicans are blocking it."

The GOP had its reasons for not engaging on the issue, some members said, including a belief that increasing the minimum wage would slow job growth.

House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, said he was not surprised to see Democrats turn to the media.

"This is the magical time in session when people who cannot pass their bills resort to political stunts," Weatherford said. "It’s a sad but unfortunately predictable pastime for the last three weeks of session."

The actions taken in Florida last week were part of a broader campaign by Democrats nationwide.

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Ed Jenkins

This type of nonsense is exactly why it was reported previously that democrat primary voters are leaving the party as it proposes absurd concepts that are extremely hostile to businesses and in this case workers. The citizens want no price setting by government entities whether it be in the commodities, services or labor markets.

Robert J

Ed, Ed, Ed! Look and discover people are leaving both parties in record numbers. Some choosing N.P.A., others just don't claim to be anything, or ironically "Other". Since it's silly season and being a former Republican myself; I ask but one question to G.O.P. candidates. Did you sign a "Loyalty Oath" to the Republican Party? I demand a simple yes or no answer. I am of course, asking a question; I know the answer to. I feel signing a "Loyalty Oath", to a party; is wholly and completely un-American in nature. Thus, you will not receive my vote and many others I speak to. In truth, only a COWARD, signs an oath to a political party.


When they have nothing else, they resort to lame tactics.

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