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Democrats' voter-registration edge ain't all it's cracked up to be


In a state where a presidential election was famously decided by 537 ballots, Florida Democrats’ edge of 485,907 active voters over registered Republicans looks impressive at a glance.

But it isn’t.

In historical terms, it’s a bad sign for Democrats and Charlie Crist. And it’s great news for Republicans and Gov. Rick Scott.

The Democrats’ registration advantage hasn’t been this small since 2007. Perhaps more significantly, the gap is even smaller than it was in 2010 (591,809), when Republicans whipped Democrats at the ballot box.

You wouldn’t know the Democrats’ precarious position by looking at the public-opinion polls right now or by listening to Crist.

“I think we're gonna do it,” Crist told state House Democrats in Tallahassee on Thursday. “And I think they know it."

By “they,” Crist means Republicans. He used to be one of them (before becoming an independent and then a Democrat).

“They” don’t think they’re going to lose at all. There’s a reason for the Republican confidence: history.

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Ed Jenkins

As we have seen this party's leaders have done many things to upset democrat primary voters including this one and appear to continue to ignore the voters by backing the scumbag crist for nomination, a man who democrat primary voters never voted for in the past. Perhaps these massive losses in primary voters will cause the party leaders to stop ignoring those who are disgusted with the party's positions that would have the business and family friendly nature of the state that the citizens want to preserve. But we have seen this hometown paper continue some offensive behavior even though it has lead to massive subscriber losses so this democrat primary voter will not hold his breath.


I am woman who happens to be a minority.
Yet, because I am a Conservative, I am called by the Dems a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, I must hate old people, children, the environment - I want dirty air dirty water and want poor children to eat dog food.

Did I leave anything out?


Democratic registration advantages exist numerous counties but the concentration of Dems in three southeastern counties always makes interesting elections.
Does this reporter know that over 630,000 more Democrats are registered in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counies? That number exceeds the entire statewide Democratic registration by about 30%.
That leaves the rest of Florida with a Republican advantage of about 145,000. Throw in a bit of Gerrymandering and you have Republican Legislatures throughout the 2010's and into the 2020's until Democrats begin to turnout in non-presidential their statewide races may also suffer.
For Statewide Democratic candidates to win their elections they have to campaign where the voters live and work. If your a Democrat and you want to win in Florida, campaign in South Florida at every opportunity available.
Long before the Republican's lose the Legislature they are likely to experience losses in Statewide and Presidential races as Florida's Democratic advantage continues to build throughout the state.

Bill Thompson


Is this the same oppressed minority that controls the Florida governor's office, the entire Florida cabinet and overwhelming majorities in both houses of the Florida legislature?

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