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Even by FL standards, Jake Rush campaign is 100 percent strange


Screen-Shot-2014-03-31-at-10.22.30-PMNothing like a little gamer-occult-rape-cocaine imagery to keep Florida in contention for the Capitol of Weird.

So thank you, Jake Rush.

The Republican lawyer and former cop wants to topple tea party Congressman Ted Yoho. Rush's first web ad shows him swearing on the Bible, wearing his old Alachua County Sheriff's Office uniform and teaching kids about the U.S. Constitution.

The images of him wearing black contact lenses while dressed in Dracula-like leather outfits? Not so much.

But an anonymous emailer on March 23 began outing Ross as a member of a role-playing gamer-group called Mind's Eye Society.

Rush's campaign responded hours later by saying he's an actor and he's being attacked unfairly by Yoho et al.

“As a straight shooter, yes, I play and have played video games, role playing games, board games, Yahtzee, Clue, and I have acted in dozens of theatre productions,” Rush said in a statement that included pictures of him in less-ominous garb (full statement here).

Saint Petersblog was first up with the original story. A sample:

Chazz Darling appears to be one of Rush’s favorite personas. As an active participant, Rush (as Darling) published regularly in both the Camarilla Wiki Project, a wide range of message boards and sites connected with White Wolf Publishing, the company which created the first Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game in 1991..... the same person, as Chazz, wrote in one Yahoo message board, titled “The Fallen,” dated February 12, 2010:

At first I thought you were just stupid and I wanted to stick my dick in your mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete that was blessed by Rui (sic) but then I remembered that you were typing so my dick would really have to be in your hands to keep you from typing but since you are walking in Omaha that’s not really realistic right now.

I’m sorry, I tried.

Rae tells me that you are a Maiden, and it’s your job to be kind of stupid and that I’m not supposed to have intercourse with Maidens.

You shouldn’t believe everything that people tell you or you’re going to end up naked and sore, tied to the floor of a van marked “Free Candy.”

And stop letting people torpor (sic) you.

–Chazz Darling
Power of Discord
Important member of the LS


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[fake name deleted]

In exchange for your completed early ballot, I am giving out free candy. I will be driving neighborhoods in a van with "Free Candy" spray painted on the side panels. It will be a white van, so as not to confuse it with someone who is creepy.

Carla Boyd

Jake....when you say you are a Christian... COUKD you elaborate and explain to me what you mean?

Truth Out

This is sick, violent and disturbing.

[fake name deleted]

I love playing games. And here we have one of my best efforts.

Scott McD

I'm really confused as to why one man's harmless and legal hobbies matter one bit here.

Andrea Moore

WOW! Does anyone care about the truth? The truth is Yoho's henchmen are desperate to disparage the character and integrity of a man who is merely engaging in role playing. There is nothing sinister about what Jake Rush's activity was on on MES. Were we all to be judged on what can be found through a internet search, well we would all be damned! The truth is Yoho is scared! Scared about his abysmal voting record on women's issues, scared about the time he has wasted with tax payer's money on impeaching Obama, scared about what his constiutent's, like me, feel about his vote on the Farm Bill, If you're scared, say you're scared! My vote is with Jake Rush on August 26th!

travis christensen

I hang out with a lot of people who are into cosplay. Steam-punk, Harry Potter types, star wars guys, bondage people. The difference between them and Rush is that most of these people are pretty cool to be around. Met Rush. Not cool. Not at all.

The real

Hey Travis, checked out your Facebook... Looks like you are a little more politically minded then your post lets on. https://www.facebook.com/travis.christensen.54

Guess looking good while making it look easy and Your Mom ranks right up there with meeting "bondage people." Yeah, real winner you are...


I'm actually acquainted with Jake. I used to be in the same gaming organization (MES). While playing, yes, people can, have, and will say and write lots of things that *clears throat* THEIR CHARACTER would say/do. Once the game ends, we're all real people. Jake is one of the nicest people I've met through that club, and while I am politically nearly his opposite, I think that people are trying to make something out of nothing here. Do you think that "Uncle Arnold" should be held accountable for what he did in his movies when he runs for political office? Same thing, only with emails showing things that characters did, instead of film reels.


Did you know Ronald Reagan helped kill abolitionist John Brown and suppressed the slave uprising? He also killed countless Native Americans. You can go see the proof in his movie Santa Fe Trail!

Similarly, if you want to see a vampire, go take a look at the theatrical roleplaying going on here.

Of course, you have to be a pure idiot not to understand the difference between Reagan and General Custer, and similarly between Rush and a vampire he portrays in a theatrical hobby.

Rob Cypher

This crap made me LOL all day

Ivan Zalac

This is a misrepresentation. Portrayal of larps as an occult activity is highly offensive and out of touch with even the most basic things about larp. Mentioning in-character quotes is like quoting Romeo and Juliet to prove actors who were playing them have actual suicidal tendencies. Players are NOT the characters they portray, just as actors are NOT the characters they play. It's a sad day indeed when you misinterpret and demonize larping as a whole (as hobby, a form of media and art expression) just for a smear campaign.

To really learn what larping is about, check out this page: http://www.crolarper.com/2014/03/larp-videos-what-is-larp.html

Igor Comunale

Seriously? Are you simply uninformed or just mean for your own reasons? I write from Italy, alway ridiculized by foreign journalist for our politics... But you are at least laughable with this silly things you are telling. Domyou know the line between fantasy and reality? This Jake Rush was simply roleplaying, nothing to do with sects, violence or madness. You are not a journalist. A real journalist at least verify the truth. You are not doing this, perhaps for your own political agenda.

Max Krueger

The Quote they cite is being said by a character he's playing. it does not reflect his actual beliefs or behavior. Think of it like the difference between an actor and the roles he's played. It would be like attributing quotes from to movie fight club to brad pitt himself.

Dara Jeffries

Go Jake! Thank you for finally being a man who doesn't run from his past and actually tells the truth.

I am failing to see how any of this information has anything to do with the ability to govern effectively. Once again, we have the media latching onto a candidate's personal life, which is SHOCKINGLY LEGAL conduct, protected under the First Amendment right to expression and not criminally sanctionable. Stop and think for a moment here. His extracurricular activities, in the past, may have not been your activities, but he has done nothing wrong. Anyone who has every entered the World of Warcraft or other simulation game has committed the same offense. Again, nothing wrong with the behavior. Why don't you actually stop, think, and realize that for once, in this incredibly corrupt world of politics that we live in, we actually have a candidate who has not lied about who he is, even if you would consider it dirty laundry. Perhaps now we have a candidate who finally has the fortitude to expose the dirty truths of our governments as well, and actually do something about it, rather than make everything look rosy. Or, we can continue to let our politicians be the popular kids in school who always wore the right thing, were on the right sports teams, dated the right people, etc., but in the end never amounted to anything successful.


Greetings. I, too, played in MET and played with Jake as well. He is, on a personal level, a very affable and kind person. Most of the swirling debate is effectively about something most people are ignorant of, both in how it works and the makeup of people that play the game. MET is, at its best, impromptu theater. The game we play is dark; these are not angst ridden 'Twilight' vampires, they are horrible creatures. But it is fiction, and everyone who plays the game knows it is fiction. That it looks weird from the outside is fine; you can always ask questions and anyone that is part of the society would be more than happy to help (or get you to one of the coordinators for the game). Because of ignorance ("Poisoned Absinthe"? Egad!) this story takes on a more salacious tone than what would read as a run-of-the-mill story, say like a fight at a nightclub. A fight is real, but because the people involved in that are doing 'normal' things, dressed normally, and not changing or challenging perceptions, the story does not get front-page attention. So my question is, do we want our leaders so bland, so without personality that they should be reared in a vacuum lest they risk the chance to do anything controversial? Because as far as I can tell, that's one of the factors so why we have the leaders we have now. If they are not willing to express themselves or take risks, how can they be considered leaders?

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