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"Give me Scott," Crist says after awkward handshake with Lopez-Cantera


CristCLCCharlie Crist can’t resist small talk, a few cameras and a campaign stunt.

His one-time ally and current opponent, Lieutenant Governor Lopez-Cantera, found that out that hard way on Monday when he was assigned to shadow Crist at a Palm Beach County event and give Gov. Rick Scott’s response.

Crist stepped all over Lopez-Cantera’s message, however, as made plain in a 30-second Palm Beach Post video of an awkward exchange between the two. The Democrat interrupted the lieutenant governor’s press gaggle, shook his hand and then basically declared Lopez-Cantera not good enough to debate.

“Give me Scott,” Crist said as he walked away.

Basically, Crist disrupted the disruptor.

Here’s the breakdown, from the beginning:

Lopez-Cantera: “Charlie's willing to say whatever you want to hear to get elected. But when it comes down to the facts, to the record, when it was time to stand up and make a difference, he left….”

At that point, Crist appeared in the background, and offered his handshake to Lopez-Cantera.

Crist: “Good to see you.”

Lopez-Cantera: “Hey. How are you?”

Crist: “Doing well. Say hi to your family for me.”

Reporter: “Governor, he says you’ve told lies about Gov. Scott…”

Crist: “He's got to debate the lieutenant governor candidate.

“Give me Scott.”

Lopez-Cantera aide: “Last question.”

None needed. That’s a wrap.


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters want to know how much of this crist disaster has to be witnessed before the plug is pulled by party leaders on this scumbag. It is quite damaging for this crist to insult the people who speak Spanish languages by telling this Spanish lieutenant governor and his fellow Spanish speaking citizens that he is beneath him.

Ed's Reality Reminder


Remove the crack pipe from your lips, and quit race baiting. Crist doesn't say anything about Hispanics. You are the person interjecting race into what was otherwise a race-neutral complete punking of a flabbergasted and guilty looking lieutenant governor.


Amen!! As an African- American who's so called "leaders" pull this crap all time, I can spot it a mile away. If you want to shut someone up call them a racist. You may disagree with Charlie Crist about a lot of things but I know the man and one thing he is not is a bigot in any form. What he most definitely is is a damn good politician!

Can't take anymore

Good for Charlie. The Repubs have made an industry out of political dirty tricks and yet don't seem able to handle it when such a small one is played on them. Not having the $100 million campaign war chest Scott has available to him, Charlie has to wage a smart campaign.

mrs. jenkins

Republican primary voters want to know how much of this Scott disaster has to be witnessed before the plug is pulled by party leaders on this scumbag.
It is quite damaging for this Scott to insult the people who speak Spanish languages by his campaign aides making fun of Mexicans and mocking them by talking in derogatory terms about Hispanic people degrading them.

Bill McCollum

Give em hell Charlie!


The truth hurts Charlie.

Bill Thompson

Florida voters are outraged that the Lt. Governor is spending his time carrying out political campaign dirty tricks while collecting a state paycheck funded by citizens confiscated money. The scumbag Scott has once again insulted hispanics by using his Lt. Governor just to do political campaign dirty tricks instead of assigning him to work on substantive policy issues to help the citizens of our great state.

Henry D.Castro Sr.

All the above commentators are obviously the dirty dogs
assigned to beat governor Scott and try to place Christie
(the "party changer", the "ambulance chaser", the a..
kisser") in his place. Floridians know better that give
Christie a second chance.

Art Darwin

Not a citizen of Florida, but always admired Charlie Crist. Give 'em hell, Guv!


Shut the hell up you loser thompson you are not getting any more welfare money so stock coming here and complaining you leach.

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott & his staff have insulted former governors, hispanics and african americans with their behavior. This horrible man continues to hide from the press and from the citizens of our great state, instead choosing to meet with out of state carpetbaggers and wealthy contributors. It's time for the RPOF to pull the plug on this disaster of a campaign that continues to trail Crist despite having spent millions of dollars. It's time for a fresh start with a governor who actually cares about Floridians.

Emilio Vergara

For the record, this Hispanic republican will be happily voting for Charlie Crist who will work hardest for natural Florida and its people, and not Rick Scott, the man who works for special interests and those who would destroy it.

Charles Hill

Some one is referring to Governor Scott as a horribleman? You must live in another state. Floridians have enjoyed one the most sincere, capable and dedicated governors we've seen in decades. To refer to him as a horrible man is like saying black is white. Go back and learn who Rick Scott is before making such irresponsible accusations. He'll win again. Floridians appreciate our governor. I know there are articles saying that the majority of Floridians think he doesn't deserve a second term. We all know that can't possibly be true.

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