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Governor's new ad features former South Bay city manager convicted of grand theft

Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign released a new web ad on Tuesday, featuring footage of the governor talking to the now-convicted former South Bay City manager Corey Alston, and Alston's brother Tory in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

"That's definitely Corey and his brother,'' said Sen. Chris Smith, the Democratic leader in the Florida Senate from Fort Lauderdale, who knows both Alston brothers. (Corey is on the left.) 

Corey Alson, 35 of Lauderhill, pleaded not guilty in March to charges of grand theft, corrupt misuse of a official position and misuse of public office or employment. Prosecutors accused him of coordinating a deal to be compensated $25,139 for 498 hours in unused sick time and he resigned in February. He  was later indicted on four additional counts of grand theft, one count of grand theft over $20,000 and one count of aggravated white-collar crime. 

After the incident, the governor suspended the three city officials who approved the payout to Alston.

Campaign spokesman Greg Blair released the following statement after being contacted by the Herald/Times: “The ad uses old footage from 2010 and is not running as part of any paid digital effort. The footage will not be used again going forward."

The white man with Scott in the video is Spencer Geissinger, former external affairs director for Scott, who worked as an advance man on the governor's first campaign. The ad features the governor walking along a street with Guissinger and a white woman, talking to the Alston brothers and a black woman and talking to Hispanics in uniform. The ad titled "540,000" touts what Scott says is the creation of 540,000 jobs in Florida since December 2010.



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Ven Sequenzia

With all the money Scott has, he doesn't have the sense to hire competent people to make his ads for him? Maybe this is an April Fool's day prank, but I doubt it. If he can't even control his people who do his ads, how can we trust him with our money? Answer: We can't.


A crooked Governor standing next to a crooked City Manager. Birds of a feather....hmmmm....

Roger Stone

OMG ! Where are the guys who ran Rick Scott's flawless campaign four years ago? Scott seems to stumble from one unforced error to another. This Curt Anderson fellow responsible for these screw-ups remains unexposed in the Miami Herald's reporting

Highly paid Republican operative

Roger Stone loves Richard Nixon!

Ed Rudy

Rick Scott is the most dishonest and corrupt Florida governor in history.

Birds of a feather...

Ed Rudy




The not so smart fox checking in with the big crook fox on how to take more from the chickens (Voters) of Florida ... How soon can we be rid of all of these crooked Repugnacan'ts ?? Not soon enough !!!

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