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Governor's office behind amendment to weaken provisions in child safety bill

UPDATE:  A last minute amendment to SB 1666, the Senate's overhaul of the child welfare laws, shopped by the Department of Children and Families and the governor's office late yesterday, was withdrawn and the Senate passed the bill unanimously to applause.
Sponsored by Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, the 135-page amendment so late in the process was significant enough to prompt Sen. Andy Gardiner to call for a time out to give members time to absorb what the proposal would do. 
The "strike-all" amendment would make several signficant changes aimed at tamping down some of the provisions and oversight over the department, according to a document obtained by the Herald/Times. The summary of the amendment says many of the reforms would cost too much money. The proposed amendment would do the following:
* Eliminate the requirement that members of DCF's Rapid Response Teams travel to the site of a child's death in order to conduct a case review. The idea is to save money.
* Give the response teams more time to conduct the review and eliminates an outside review committee intended to provide oversight to DCF's work. The department says this is "redundant."
* Eliminates the requirement that the Death Review Committee provide training. The department considers this an onerous requirement since the committee is made of volunteers. 
* Eliminates a loan forgiveness program intended to encourage people with social work and other social services degrees to work as child protective investigators. The department and governor consider this "expensive and will require additional staff and infrastructure within the department."
* Deletes a requirement the Community Based Care organizations post their executive salaries on the web site. 
* Changes the liability limits on CBCs by requiring them to obtain less insurance in the event they get sued for malpractice, . The measure reduces the caps on liability to their 1999 levels by resetting them form $1 million per person, $3 million per incident for economic damages, $200,000 for non-economic damages and removes the cost of living adjustment that allows damage caps to rise according to the consumper price level industry. The current bill sets the damage caps at $2 million per claim; automobile liability cap at $200,0000 per claim and the non-economic damages cap at $400,000 per claim.   
* Eliminates the Institute on Child Welfare at FSU because it "will drain resources from child welfare services."



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This governor is a cretin. Who tries to save money at the expense of a defenseless child??

ed jenkins

The citizens continue to be pleased by the excellent fiscal stewardship of this scott by cutting costs in areas already served by charities. Some unwise are not aware of the duties of government in our society but the ones named in this article are not among them.


There are no charities capable of managing all that DCF should be doing on behalf of our defenseless children, Mr. Jenkins, nor would they be interested in doing it fairly if they could. You need to get out more, dear.

Bill Thompson

The citizens continue to be disgusted by the lack of moral leadership of this scumbag Scott by attempting to water down reform legislation at the last minute that would put the most vulnerable children at greater risk in an attempt to save a few pennies so that this horrible man can funnel it elsewhere in sweetheart state contracts to his favorite campaign contributors.

Can't take anymore

Looks like Scott & Co. are taking a last opportunity to punish the abused children of Florida by reducing any new assistance (and abolishing some existing) so they can free up more money for phony corporate tax cut schemes. They have got to know this is their last legislative session before the voters throw them out.

Nothing New Here

They have been covering up for their friends who abuse our children for decades. Scott fought a mighty battle to stop the USF from unearthing the bodies at the Dozier School for boys. Now they have found over 50 bodies and looking for more. Both Scott and Crist as governors aided and abetted the cover ups of the rapes of five little boys at Green Isle Boys Ranch run by Gary Borders appointed the Sheriff of Lake County by Jeb Bush. Scott had the FDLE lie about the arrest, prosecution and fake community control of the rapist who continued to run wild and abuse others in a neighboring county per court records! They all stick together because their main Republican money man Mel Sembler is a pioneer in child abuse and houses of horrors - Google Straight, Inc and find their victims website. Birds of a feather flock together and they have all been to Mel Semblers door for money. Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist,Rick Scott, Mitt Romney and the list goes on and on.It's all about the money which these criminals. Also Google The Franklin Scandal - John DeCamp for an education on what these people do to out children behind our backs and lie about it.

Direct from the state checkbook - here is what was found from Fiscal 2014 for the CDC's the cash cows of the Republican movers and shakers who care less for children than they do for animals and the sacrifice them!
1- Lakeview Center, Families First Network- FISCAL 2014 – $33,596.216.02

2, 14-Big Bend Community Based Care, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $64,534,470.65

3 & 8-Partnership for Strong Families - FISCAL 2014 - $25,399,082.70

4- (Duval, Nassau)-Family Support Services of North Florida Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $42,239,360.82

4- (Clay)-Kids First of Florida, Inc- FISCAL 2014 - $6,082,268.90

7- (St. Johns)-St Johns County Board of C C - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
7- (Flagler, Volusia, Putnam)-Community Partnership for Children, Inc- FISCAL 2014 - $25,090,065.02

6- (Pasco, Pinellas)-Eckerd Community Alternatives FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
12- Sarasota Family YMCA, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $23, 270,143.77

13- Eckerd Community Alternatives – FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
20- Children's Network of SW Florida - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
5- Kids Central, Inc - FISCAL 2014 - $38,044,028.81

9, 18- (Orange, Osceola & Seminole)-Community Based Care of Central Florida- FISCAL 2014 - $50,434,383.05

10- Heartland For Children- FISCAL 2014 - $34,814,751.36

18- (Brevard)-Brevard Family Partnership - FISCAL 2014 – NOT FOUND!
15, 17- ChildNet Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $85,609,584.73

19- Devereux Families Inc. - FISCAL 2014 - $12,529,102.50

11, 16- Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe - FISCAL 2014 -$81,627,240.80

kerstin magnusson

there isn't anything we can do NOW but what we CAN do is vote this scumbag and his buddies OUT of office. I think ALL Floridians have enough evidence that this guy never had intension to work for the people.... IT'S UP TO US TO GET RID OF THE BAD APPLES....


See Skeletor. They don't care for what you are doing from the north part of the state to the south. You are outta here. U less your cronies somehow steal the election for you. Guess you may need Katherine Harris back.

Leon Van Dyke


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