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Jeb's 'pandering' on immigration, says Rep. Labrador

From the Shark Tank Blog

During the Heritage Foundation’s monthly “Conversation with Conservatives” meeting with right-of- center Republican congressmen on Capitol Hill, a reporter asked the panel to opine on Jeb Bush’s recent “act of love” comment regarding immigration reform.

Idaho congressman Raul Labrador (R), who pulled out of the House bipartisan immigration reform effort, said he disagreed with Bush’s comments, and added that “Comments like Jeb Bush’s and other Republicans, what they do is pandering to a certain group of people.”

Here's the rest of the post and the video:


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Keep voting for idiots like this guy and we'll never get immigration reform. What an embarrassment. This guy's name might sound Hispanic, but that's about it.

Labrador Retreater

What else can Labrador say after he's been pandering to thinly disguised racists for years?

Bill Thompson

Jeb! is a non-starter in the GOP primaries. He is an establishment GOP candidate that won't get the support of rank and file republicans.

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