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Lawmakers demand apology from MDC's president Eduardo Padrón

A day after Miami Dade College President Eduardo Padrón ignited a war of words by blasting four local lawmakers, the other side fired back.

In a sign of growing backlash, the response wasn’t limited to the targets Padrón initially criticized for opposing a key MDC funding bill. Instead, the four were joined by seven other members of the Miami-Dade legislative delegation in co-signing a letter that called Padrón’s statements "something we cannot and will not tolerate."

"The kind of uncivilized discourse that emanated from such a respected community leader is something we all are compelled to condemn," read the joint letter written by Miami-Dade’s legislative delegation chairman, Hialeah Rep. Eduardo "Eddy" Gonzalez.

The lawmakers hoped to have their letter published by the Miami Herald’s editorial board — a response intended to address unusually blunt remarks Padrón made to the paper on Tuesday.

All but one of the co-signers — Hallandale Beach Democrat Joe Gibbons, whose district extends into Miami-Dade — were Republicans. Seven other House Democrats declined to sign the letter. None of the seven could be reached for comment.

The letter was not circulated among Miami-Dade’s state senators.

Miami Dade College officials declined comment Wednesday.

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Ed Jenkins

The citizens do not care for these public fights either way but they do not consider the head of this remedial institution to be a "respected" leader. This institution teaches skills that should have been learned by the students long ago and is a waste of money for them who should already been working rather than piling up debt that will haunt them for decades.

Bill Thompson

These little minded state legislators proved Padron's point that they are power hungry bullies and egomaniacs more concerned about themselves than their community. They continue to block the citizens desire to have a direct up or down vote in the most democratic way possible on whether there should be a dedicated tax for MDC.

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